Power cords for Linn amps.

I have 7 Linn 5105 amps, and would like to upgrade PC's... all will come after doing the whole house surge protection and keeping the Chang LS conditioners.... So far!

What have been your experience with upgraded PC on these amps? FWIW several are olde models, most have the most recent power supplies from Linn, and all run active speakers. (See my system if you have questions)

I have considered getting all the same cords, though am at a loss of which to go with. This is especially a problem as I'd need at least three to test....

I have a Linn kairn and have experienced exceptional results with a shunyata snake bite power cable. However, I would strongly recommend, if at all possible, considering a dedicated line (20 amp) for your system if you don't already have one. Then move into the realm of power conditioners.
I have changed the power cords on my Linn Klouts (4) and AV-5150 (2) from the stock one to PS Audio Prelude, on my Ikemi, Kairn-Pro and Kudos I used the PS Audio Punch with great success. The biggest difference was on the Klouts as they use a Thoroidal transformer, the rest of my Linn gear uses "Switch Mode Power Supplies". Anyhow I found the PS cables to be a great value, the connectors are first class.