Power Cords for Jeff Rowland's

I am interested to know what other JRDG owners use for their amps. I own a JR Concentra II and I'm using the Cardas Golden PC.

I am especially keen if anyone had tried the PS Audio Lab II, or the newer Xstream Statement, JPS Power or any other PC that have a good match with JRDG gear.
I have used FIM with all my Rowland gear with great results!! FIM - is called Cable Research Labs now and the website for the products are found thru musicialsuroundings.com
Good Luck!
Why do you want to change?

Rowland uses Cardas, so why bother? I guess you might toss an Elrod into the mix to try out for fun?
Try the Custom Power Cord Company Top Gun. Very synergistic match with the Rowland Concentra II. Adds bass and power to the Concentra II while maintaining the Rowland's strength; namely the midrange and the treble. Good luck.
I'm agree with Keithr, Cardas is perfect match, nothing wrong if you try Custon Power Cord Top Gun, both are winner. Chao.-