Power cords for Jadis amps

Hi all,
Which power cords do Jadis users think match well with their amps? I've just bought a used pair of Jadis JA80's to replace my ARC Ref 110. Preamp is ARC LS26, speakers are Wilson Benesch Vectors.
Thanks in advance for sharing your opinions!
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I used a variety of cords with my JA80s, ultimately preferred K-Works Dynamo power cords.  A power cord that softens the sound of a component is not necessarily a good thing with Jadis.  One thing to note, you'll need to be able to reverse the prongs on your cord to find out whether the amps invert polarity or not (and it could be different for each amp), as my experience with Jadis has been that they are not necessarily wired with polarity in mind.  Both of my JA-80s inverted polarity, so I had K-Works reverse the wiring in the cord.
I use JPS Aluminata cords on my Jadis JA30mkll and love them. I also have tried the Elrod Gold Statement and still preferred JPS....it is all system dependent.
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Try some Elrods

Unity Audio Design great cables at a great price no hype just wonderful sound check it out.
ebm, those are very very expensive,I would try HF an Cerious pc first, for my Viva300p. They look nice though...
Depends on what you think very expensive is are you the one buying the cables??
Kimber PK10.
Ebm Iam not familiar with those cables, So Iam not buying them.iam more familiar with MIT, Audioquest,Nordost ,Cerious cables and the new HF Reveal do have good reviews, this are the cables Iam more interested 
You can only say they sound wonderful, when you put them in the system, it's all about matching anyway....
Thru experience I stop expecting good result until I connect cables on my own system....why I like 30 days money back guarantee..
Ebm this is all hype, it's not hype if it's work and if you can afford it.I respect your opinion.

Another vote for Elrod's latest cables!
A vote for Furtech cables got 4 love them!!