Power Cords--for Conrad Johnson, CT 5-

I have decided on the Audience AU 24 as cord for my McCormack DP 2--Great clarity--detail, etc.--as earlier mentioned, system is CJ 250S with above Pre, and Vandersteen Quatros--Audioquest Niagras all around, and Augidoquest Comets--biwired (two separate sets--the right way to go-)--SO--now--issue is: have been audtioning power chord to go with the Audience---but cannot find correct cord for Pre Amp--love the Audience products--but the "R" while being distinct and accurate, is just too "bright" in conjunction with the AU24, (which I will not give up for my source compontent)--have tried a couple of the better "Voodoo" products--and while nice, find I am missing some things (good sound, just not nowhere near as detailed) I pick up on with the Audience---I recognize this may be an unsolvable conundrum--for as we seek greater clarity in sound--it can get brittle with some cuts, etc.--anyway, thought I would take a shot, as so many have been quite helpful in assembling system over the last couple of years---- (BTW--Equitech Power Conditioner, Crown Jewel Running Springs for connection.
Try taking out the Equitech and then take a few days to get accustomed to the sound.

Then try the Running Springs Crown Jewel HZ power cord on your CT-5 and see how it sounds.

If you like how it sounds on your CT-5, know that the top of the line Running Springs Crown Jewel HZ power cord is in reality, a CH Acoustic X15. The same way that the Running Springs Mongoose is based on a Cardas design.

I have a complete CH Acoustic X20 cable loom in my system, it works extremely well for me. The X15 series was dropped from the CH Acoustic line when the much better X20 line was developed.



I suggest trying the Von Schweikert Standard power cords. They are made in conjunction with Dephi Aerospace. They are simply the best I have tried.