Power Cords for Citation 7.1


I have a Citation 7.1 amplifier and am wanting to chunk the cheapo power cord that came with it for a better one. What does everyone recommend that wouldn't be overkill for this level of amplifier??

I am currently using an Absolute Power Cord available from GTT Audio and Video. In fact, they are for sale on this site right now.

I to wanted to get rid of the stock cord for this amp, so I purchased two of the Absolute cords (the second for my Citation 7.0 THX processor). I also didn't want to spend a fortune for a power cord.

I immediately heard a marked improvement in sound quality, especially in the mids & highs as well as a more open soundstage. It seemed to get rid of some "grit" and also sharpened the image. Over time, I also noticed an improvement in bass definition and even a little in bass weight.

For $50 for an 8 foot cord, you can't go wrong with these and they really are a remarkable upgrade. Some have even said they are THE BEST power cable available at any price. I haven't heard enough cables to make that kind of a statement, but compared to ones I've heard costing up to $400, this cord had a noticable advantage. Give one a try. I think you'll be suprised at how well a $50 power cable can sound.
I have a 1988 Proton AA1150 Dual Mono power amp. Right now it is being serviced by Proton in California and I sent them an Absolute Power Cord to replace the stock cord. It is the third Absolute PC I buy. One for my CD player, one for the preamp and one for the amp.