Power Cords for Cary805c amps

I'm lookin for good power cords for the Cary 805c amps I will be purchasing. I realize "synergy" is everything in audio, thus, if anyone has experience with these amps, I would appreciate it. The rest of my system is also "tubed", with a Thor TA1000 pre-amp, and Cary 301cdp; also tubed. XLO sigs are speaker cables, and Magnan are intercons, along with Wireworld gold. Speakers are Artemis-Eos. Thanks, Lr
Bob Crump makes the HSR series of cables and he has one that he designs for tubed products. I think you should try several cables (with agreements to return those which you decide not to buy) and decide what sounds best for yourself. What others like will not always correspond with your preferences. Bob's cables are a VERY good starting point.

I am friends with Bob so my opinion is not unbiased but ask around and you will find his reputation stands for itself.
for this kind of tube amps my experience says ,go for nbs or electraglide ac cord(i did not try FİM s ac cord but could work well also)
Oh come on guys... why did I get a -2, -2 for that comment. Did I sound like I was selling something? I was just trying to give the poster good advice based on my experience. It is a lot more than anyone else is giving.
Larry- I currently have the 805c, though heavily modified. I'm using the FIM Gold. I have used ElectraGlide Fatboy, Shunyata Black Mamba, Cobra, and King Cobra, and the FIM Gold is the best in my system by a significant amount. Transparency and dynamics are simply amazing. However, they are quite stiff and require manual "forming" into shape prior to installation. Even with this caveat, I can't recommend them highly enough. They have a greater impact on the front end equipment, so I would start there, personally. Just my .02. Good luck.