Power cords for Cary 500MB amps?

Anyone have suggestions for power cords for the Cary 500MB's. I am moving my system around and I have to re-cable some components. I am presently using PS Audio Plus PCs. My budget would be no more than $500 per cable. I have a Cary SLP 05 preamp, Dynaudio Confidence 5 speakers - all cabled with PS Audio. Thanks much
I have posted my fondness for the power cords I have. Check out VHAudio.com ...look at Oyeida plugs and Accrotech wire. Its easy to make...no soldering required. I even think it's only a tad more than your budget.
Thanks for the suggestions. I decided to go with the Acrolink cables and Oyaide 004 plugs for amps and preamp too. They were easy to make and sound great!