Power Cords for Cary

What power cords do owners of the Cary SLI-80 integrated and 303/200 CDP recommend?

I'm currently using BMI Majik power cords throughout. The rest of the system consists of Merlin TSM monitors, a REL Strata III sub and Cardas Golden Reference speaker cables and interconnects.

Budget? Yes, I'm on one so $300 used is probably tops. What result do I want? Well, the Majiks do a fine job of carry juice from the wall to the components, but that's about all. What I would like is simply more. More clarity. More sense of space. More emotion.

I don't expect all that from simply changing power cords. But in my last rig (the one still linked below) switching from the Majiks to Synergistic Master AC Master Couplers brought a marked improvement overall.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
FWIW, I have used the Cary Sli-80 with the TSM's and I could never wring that last level of emotion/space/clarity out of that combo. I didn't realize how good the Merlin's were until I upgraded to separates (VAC mono's and Dodd pre). I used the AZ Tsunami, Audience PC and VH Audio Airsine with the Cary and none provided marked improvement. Not to discourage you from experimentation, but I don't think a pc will get you to the level you're looking for with that amp/speaker pairing. The Cary is a nice amp and I enjoyed by time with it, but its a little too laid back for the Merlins, IMHO.
I strongly suggest you listen to other cables than Cardas. If you still like the Cardas, fine, but they sounded very bad in my system...that's not to say they will be bad in yours..but. They are grainy, closed in, fuzzy, without clarity, and/or musicality. ...just try others to be sure that your uneasiness is not from the cables. I use Anti-Cables...cheap and good.
Fpeel - you should try a Nirvana Audio PC+ power cord on the cd player. This is one of the biggest sonic improvements you can make to this player. I have no idea what to tell you to try on the integrated, however - sorry.
the best I found during my short limited search for powercords w/ my SLI-80 was the TG Audio SLVR (5'). i had a 5' SLVR on my previous 306/200 at the same time & it was really better than 3 or 4 other cords I tried. Crump told me 5' was the minimum length he'd build based on his listening tests. an easy sell if you don't like it. Cruz123 is right on about amp/speaker synergy-don't struggle w/ it if it doesn't get it. take it from one who's done plenty of dollarwasting-tailchasing

I like the Synergistic Research T3 power cable on my 303/300... very good to the bass and overall soundstage. Try one through the Cable Company. I think you'll be surprised.

:) listening,

I have Jasmine Energy one PC's on my Cary SLP05 Pre,120S amp and my 306 SACD player and I did notice a marked improvement from the stock cords and they are VERY resonably priced. However, I have not compared them to other cords available so I don't know how others might compare.

Thank you all for sharing your experiences.

Cruz123, I am curious as to what source you were using with your Cary/Merlin combo. Cables (speaker and ICs)? That info might prove insightful if you don't mind.

Let me also interject that overall I am happy with my system and not inclined to make any wholesale changes. I've had a highly resolving, analytical system and while often times sounded spectacular it could be downright painful on poor recordings. So, I'm not going that direction again and my current rig is intentionally a bit laid back. I'm into the music as much as the gear, but more so the music. Hope that disclosure doesn't make me a heretic in anyone's eyes.

Still, as we all know, it's hard not to yearn for "just a little more", though I'm trying hard to stay off the audiophile merry-go-round. "Hi, my name is Frank and I'm an audioholic. I haven't changed my system in 29 days, 3 hours and 41 minutes."

Thanks again everyone.

BTW, does re-biasing my tubes at a higher voltage reset the "audioholic" clock to zero?
Fpeel, I used a Cary 308T cdp for a considerable time and later a GNSC modded RA Opus 21, which I still use in my current setup. I used Acoustic Zen Silver Matrix IC's connected to the source and AZ Satori speaker cables, which I still use along with a couple of Audience IC's. I will say that that the AZ Silver Matrix was a good fit with that amp, IMHO.

Thanks, Cruz123. I've been interested in the both the Audience and Satoris lines for awhile. Nice to hear there is potential synergy with the Satoris and my gear. With winter approaching there may be time to do some experimenting.

BTW, the Opus 21 is a very nice piece (don't know anything about the mods though) and I was looking for a 308T when I found the 303/200. Similar tastes in equipment maybe? Given how the 303 has worked out, in retrospect the 308T might have been too many tubes in my system. Wait, did I actually just type that!? Too many WHAT? Scrap that thought, OK?

Anyway, thank you again for the extra time. Much appreciated.
fusion audio , the enchanter , probably the best cord for high current amps and conditioner and i have tried them all