Power cords for Ayre

Hi all,

I have an Ayre K1x preamp and V1 amplifier. I am using a JPS Analog AC on the K1x and a JPS Power AC on the V1. Both are directly plugged into dedicated 20 amp lines.

Based on my experience, the V1 responds to cord changes more than the K1x does. Maybe it has something to do with the power supply in the K1x. I am currently listening to my friends Audience Power Chord on the V1. Nice change from the JPS. Bass is tighter, more articulate, fuller mids, lower noise.

I am wondering if anyone has tried different cords on the K1x or V1 and would like to post their experiences.

I think that Charles Hansen is a smart guy and a good designer. As such, he takes "real world" power conditions into consideration in his designs. I know this as he wrote a 5 part series of articles about RFI / EMI, AC noise, pole mounted transformer distortion, etc.. in Audio Xpress magazine. He's also contributed quite a few tidbits to that magazine, including a review of two different tuners in the latest issue.

As to the various power cords, i think that the Audience Power Chord works just as you say it does. I would say that its' greatest attribute is a very solid and well defined bottom end. I'm using them on my subwoofer amps for that very reason.

As to your preamp, try playing around with some high capacitance designs. These would be something along the lines of TG Audio, Kimber, etc... I'm sure that there are others out there, but those are what came to mind first. Sean
One of my amps is an Ayre V3: I've experienced good results with Synergistic's best AC cord the Synergistic Research Designer Reference Squared. Despite the V3's integral Ayre conditioner, I liked it better plugged into a high curent conditioner than straight into the dedicated AC line. My amp conditioner is a Chang Lightspeed 9900 Amp. Source components are handled via a smaller model Chang.
Ayre has suggested to me they like Cardas power cords with their equipment.