power cords for Audio Research gears

Any suggestions on what power cords I should look at for my ARC VT100MK3 amplifier, ARC LS25MK2 pre amp and ARC CD3 CD player.
I have had great success with the Audio Magic Sorceror
cables. I have a couple extra of these if you would want to try them out.
Elrod EPS-2 Signature and EPS-3 Signature are the best of the best. I do not have ACR gears but friend of mine he said he uses Elrod power cords and he loves them. If you can afford a top of the line Elrod Statement, which I currently have for my power amp I suggest you should have one for the amp and the Signatures(EPS-2S) for the sources. They are very very musical, detail and dynamic. Good luck.
My ARC sounds thrilling using the factory chords.
i wasn't overwhelmed when I put different cords on my AR rig (mastercouplers, mambas, JPS Power AC), but you put a pair of ProAc 3.8's or fours on that rig you've got and I guarantee it'll take you away to audio never never land...
Factory cords sound a lot better than others I've tried, including shunyata (taipan, black mamba), Voodoo dragons, and PS audio. I'm out of the power cord market.
Call Audio Research. They use Shunyata power cables.