Power cords for Audio Refinement system

I have an Audio Refinement CD player, integrated amplifier, and tuner. I'd like to replace the stock power cords that came with this system and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions?

YBA Diamond power cords... They are made from the same cable as the Diamond cable interconnects (their top of the line). Excellent quality/price ratio... I use them on my YBA CD3 and Passion integrated amp...
I'd suggest three of the Shunyata King Cobra v2 cords. The manufacturer and dealer will be thrilled. While you're at it, you might want to pick up one of the Burmester power generators to plug everything into...
I would look for Custom Power Cords (model 11). Add them in the following order of priority: 1) CD player 2) integrated amp 3) tuner. Should be able to snag 'em for $75 to $100- used (5 foot). Happy Tunes!
As an alternative to the recommendations above, I would suggest you try a Volex power cord. I bought two from Newark Electronics for about $15/ea, which I believe is ah, "slightly" cheaper than the Shunyata. This works fine with my ARC amplifier. I have to admit that I only got a very subtle improvement in the sound compared to the stock cord, but the stock cord that came with my ARC was not shielded and generated RFI. The Volex cord is well made and shielded. Many use the Volex as a starter cord for further modifications. Suggest you search the forums here and at audio asylum for further info. The Volex cord was once made by Belden.
If you hack the ends off the Volex and replace them with a P&S 5266 plug and Schurter iec you have an Asylum cord. A noticeable improvement over the stock volex for about $20 more, but not, in my opinion as good as many of the better used cords available in the $100 to $200 range.
Toguh call, you don't want to spend a bunch of money on power cords given the value of the gear. $200 power cord on a $400-$600 component? Nah, doesn't make sense. I have an ARC tuner and CDP and changed my cords. I went with Audioquest power cords, they seem to be reasonably well made, and inexpensive (if memory serves I paid $40 for the cords). I also picked up an Asylum cord for my office system, again it strikes me as well made and quite reasonable.
Have only tried a couple brands of cords (Audioquest, Belden home brew, and Carol cable home brew). All three were better than stock (they were 14 - 12 ga. each and shielded - the home brews with aluminum foil!).

However, nothing prepared me for the benefit I got with LAT International's AC-2 cord (on the web at www.LATInternational.com). It's amazing, sincerely - I now own three. At $129.00 per, they are a very effective upgrade.

Make your own from Scurter IEC and a good plug and some Belden 83802. Ridiculously good for the $$.
Thanks for your comments!