power cords for Atma-sphere amplifiers?

I was wondering if the Atma-sphere amplifier owners out there could share their experiences with power cord experimentation. I just bought a pair of MA-1's. I have used Ridge Street Audio, Kubala, and Purist in the past,and thought they were all great, but really wanted to hear from members with first hand experience. Thank you in advance.
Silent Source high current version is a pretty good match, at least in my system. Cheers,
I think Ralph is a fan of Purist Audio.
I've noticed the a number of owners use TG Audio SLVR's. They pop up on agon periodically. I just picked up a pair and I'm very happy with them on my MA-1 Silver Editions. Please note that along with them, I installed a dedicated 20 amp line which I consider one of the hugest improvements to the dynamics from these amps.
I use Oyaide Tunami Powercords with them.
I'm also happy with the TG audio SLVR on my MA-1 Mklll amps. Smotyka, glad to hear of your major improvement via dedicated lines as a dealer told me they love a dedicated line -- my next upgrade.
Thank you for the suggestions. I actually have dedicated lines for each component in my system.
Has anyone tried the VH Audio Airsine Power cords on their Atma-Sphere amps? I am using the VH Audio Flavor 4 cords right now, but haven't seriously compared other power cords. How about the Fusion PC's?