Power cords for active speakers--

I have a pair of active speakers coming in and was thinking of upgrading the stock cords to TG Audios. Would the 688 or SLVR be preferred, and if you have another brand in that price range, would love a recommendation. Speakers are the new AG Solos.


I really like the Shunyata Diamond Back. Very lively cable with great rythm and pacing. Cable is light and flexible and has great shielding. Cable is $175. Newer has additional shielding puching it close to the Sidewinder performance.
what kind of active speakers? i'm using a solid-core power cable from a company who's name i can't remember at the moment, with great results, on my ATC SCM 50 - Actives.
I own the TG Audio SLVR and Pure Note Sigma. I have used them on subs to power amps with good results. The Pure Note is at lower cost than the TG and is all silver if that matters to you.