Power cords everywhere! Will steel braid help protect audio signal?

Hi there,

I was wondering if putting steel braid sleeves (or copper, but not preferred bc of cost) over speaker wires, or the power cords they are adjacent too, would have any merit in protecting the audio signal from interference?

The 5' and 13' of 12ga quad wire I run to my towers is plagued by having to run through a rat nest of random power cords (tv, router, Xbox, cable modem etc.) all plugged into a surge strip within 8" of the speaker cable path. Also since the speakers (Klipsh RP-5) have a powered sub built in, one of the speakers is in a location where both the power cord and the speaker cable have to run parallel in the same direction.

so, would it be worth while to slip a steel braid over the speaker wires in the segments where they are close to, or running along side, power cords? 

Thanks in advance for the help!
Are you experiencing any signal degradation or hum?
I, too, have a rat's nest of wire, but, thankfully, haven't noticed anything that is degrading to the sound.