Power cords can make a tremendous difference in Digital

I have been into this Hobby - Quest for over 35 years ,and have spent more then a nice home on Audio .
the older I get the less I want to shell out the big bucks.audio wiring in general is Waay over priced 
I owned a Audiostore and know the markup 4-6 x in some cases even more .it depends on what they can get always with . For the record ,Occ Or -0 Crystal Copper ,Silveris by far the purest
and will give you the clearest signal path ,  that being said there are only 4 companies in the World
licensed to make this to the Original patented design from Japan .
i Built my own using Furutech Occ-6-9s pure Copper awg 14 for my Belcanto dac
also using the same Furutech Occ Copper male and female connectors ,plus on the dac Furutech Copper IEC input . I had a $500 Kimber power cord on it , this new power cord gave me at least 
another $5% more musicality across the board, and very cross sonicly to my brothers $1300 Shunyata
power cord , since they also use similar quality wire  it tells me why pay the extra when in an hour 
I can make my own .VH audio sells the cable and connectors,and when you pay a 15% discount on the wire. Why pay 3X what it cost me to make for similar results ,this too applies for Furutech awg 12 Wire.  https://www.vhaudio.com/furutech-fp-tcs21.html
Agreed. I am not a DIY guy myself but I had Chris VH make me up a couple cables using the Furutech FP-S032N wire and F-11 connectors. With a nominal assembly fee I had a couple great cables that cost sub $400.
There is always a much better sounding cable for less than what you spend on parts alone for your DIY cable. Always. Its not even close.
To miller carbon,what I am referring to is Furutech did 100% of the R&D and engineering , I just buy the ultimate in quality. In that respect ,in my vast experiences  I find I get= or better then the vast majority of powercords 
and cables at 1/4 of the price . Jond, you are correct you can get fantastic quality and value and save a Lot of $$  by avoiding the name brand markup.

I had tried 1500$ Synergistic Power cable 20 years ago.

It had the most effect on DCS Elgar Dac and I had ended up buying that one.

Now I use Synergistic Blue power cables(600$) on Chord Dave Dac

But isolation transformer also helps a lot to improve the sound out of Dac.

You can buy 500 Watt model around 100$ from Amazon.

The nice thing of Amazon is that it is easy to return if you do not like it.

Thus I recommend you to try out isolation transformer before trying out expensive power cables.

I don’t know if shkong 78 is talking about power conditioning, but if he/she is, then I agree.  The PC thing is real, but so is conditioning and oft overlooked.  

I have always paid attention to this, but was enlightened by how much better the Decware conditioner is as opposed to my Furman IT- Reference 15i.

I’m not claiming the Furman to be a statement piece, just shocked by how much better the Decware was at its job.  Power cables cannot filter as such.
What isolation transformer are you referring to Shkong78 ? 
Yes. What isolation transformer are you referring to Shkong78 ?

Connect only Dac to above and test the difference with or without it.

If it makes noticeable difference, then you can keep it.

Otherwise you can return easily with Amazon.

In my case, it makes subtle but noticeable difference, thus I bought total two of them.

I use one more for CD transport.
I have a Brickwall  brand line conditioner ,surge protector and I customized it 
better capacitorsand Furutech lead ,and outlets all Copper not cheap brass 
like on Hubble ,or hospital grade outlets ,mine uses in part a big inductor.
class B rated in stereophile against a $1500 balanced precision power 
andwas on par, for under $300 a steal .
I have found amazing improvement with digital and analog sound using Anticables power cords. The price is reasonable considering the improvement in sound. They have a no questions asked return policy. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
Let me chime in to also highly recommend the isoloation transformer option.  Smaller capacity, say 500va ones are very inexpensive (well, at least inexpensive compared to other 'audio tweaks' that abound).  

I've picked up a few off ebay, such that I now have my whole system running through several of them.  I look for at least 1,000va ratings so i can run amps through them too.  The transformer is massive, which i normally find to be a good thing.

Also, I find shielded power cables to be a big plus on digital equipment.  I use a Bluesound node streamer, it has an uncommon power input jack.  I found a corresponding plug and made a power cable with some shielded 16 gauge cable.  A noticeable improvement over the stock cable.  After that experiment, i did similar on my Dac and digital eq.  
When you say “I Built my own using Furutech Occ-6-9s pure Copper awg 14“

and when I see the VH link you provided and it mentions Triple C Comstruction with 99.996 purity, with no mention to OCC, might this be something other than 6 nines purity OCC?

On paper just under 5-9s but much more extensive forging and annealing then 6-9s Copper, .i have Neotech,as well as Oyaide POCC 6-9s Ohno Copper Wire in other power cords I made
the Furutech formula is more refined and detailed sounding ,that being said they have a $450 .much more expensive wire still 3x as much perfoot I have not tried. https://www.vhaudio.com/furutech-fp-tcs21.html

Audioman, great to hear you experienced better sound with the Furutech, that’s what really counts
Ianderson always trying to save money while still maintaining audio integrity.