Power cords - Cabledyne vs Signal Cable

Power cords do make a difference ... a big difference. Has anyone compared the two companies listed? Both receive good comments here on Agon. I have compared the two Signal Cable power cords and prefer the more expensive version with silver ($169). But I have no experience with Cabledyne which is a bit more expensive. Their Silver Reference cable ($250) received a glowing review from Mono&Stereo.com and they have a Silver Premier ($325). Anyone compare the two companies?
Auditioned two Cabledyne 12AWG silver cables. Kept one, returned the other. Listened long term to the first one on pretty much every component. Ended up coiling it up, tossing it into the surplus cable box and restoring the original cables. Thin and bright to my ears and never really broke in. Maybe I'll put some add'l hours on it in the future and see what happens.

IMHO, if you're looking to replace stock power cords and you don't want to spend a lot of cash, the Signal Cable Silver Ref will give you a relatively fluid, dynamic sound and is a decent buy for the money.

If you have that cabledyne power cord still, and want to sell it. I'm interested.