Power cords - Cabledyne vs Signal Cable

Power cords do make a difference ... a big difference. Has anyone compared the two companies listed? Both receive good comments here on Agon. I have compared the two Signal Cable power cords and prefer the more expensive version with silver ($169). But I have no experience with Cabledyne which is a bit more expensive. Their Silver Reference cable ($250) received a glowing review from Mono&Stereo.com and they have a Silver Premier ($325). Anyone compare the two companies?
I have no experience with either and was leaning towards the Cabledyne based in part on that glowing review at Mono & Stereo. It was while on the fence and weighing my options when I came across another review at M&S where they felt the Cabledyne PC was bettered by the Triode Wire Labs Digital-American. There were four other PCs they compared it to and the TWL bested them all. 

Needless to say, I got the TWL and lived happily ever after.

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Had the Signal PC ...the."buy" was predicated by the reviews

IMO .... "Meh?" At their rare very best, and largely ..."yuk".... Very disappointing

IMO can find the same or better performance with a DIY $50 material bundle that you can find just about anywhere. And yes, I do have separate dedicated power lines. So I sold them (dumped them) PDQ.

IMO , look elsewhere ,  or as an alternative, go commit the $50 on a flyer and cobble together a DIY cable with the same or better performance profile  at a fraction of the cost Full stop.

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Thanks for the tip about the TWL cables. I read the M&S review to which you refer and then checked out their website. For $250, the
"American 12 gauge" version is now on my list.
I'll be doing exactly that this weekend. Just received a Synergy silver power cord for evaluation. Currently using a Signal silver alloy on an Audio Note Soro integrated.If there is still any interest in this topic I'd be happy to report back over the next few weeks as it breaks in.