Power cords - Cabledyne vs Signal Cable

Power cords do make a difference ... a big difference. Has anyone compared the two companies listed? Both receive good comments here on Agon. I have compared the two Signal Cable power cords and prefer the more expensive version with silver ($169). But I have no experience with Cabledyne which is a bit more expensive. Their Silver Reference cable ($250) received a glowing review from Mono&Stereo.com and they have a Silver Premier ($325). Anyone compare the two companies?

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I have no experience with either and was leaning towards the Cabledyne based in part on that glowing review at Mono & Stereo. It was while on the fence and weighing my options when I came across another review at M&S where they felt the Cabledyne PC was bettered by the Triode Wire Labs Digital-American. There were four other PCs they compared it to and the TWL bested them all. 

Needless to say, I got the TWL and lived happily ever after.

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