Power cords and turntable power supplies

I have been a convert for wires of all sorts for years. my one point of resistance has been turntable power supplies. I have a TW Accustic Raven one, with a big slab of precision German engineering as a power supply. All it has to do is turn a platter at 33 and1/3rpm and it's affected by a power cord, no way.

Well I just borrowed a power cord from Sablon Audio, a new cable start up company, with just the Robusto power cord to it's name. Mark coles suggested trying it on the turntable power supply and the effect was immediate and obvious. I have always felt speed control was excellent on the table, but was troubled by a little loss of precision, some lack of definition at the leading edge of notes. Gone immediately with the new cable, better soundstage and clearly improved base definition too.

Incidentally, I have just bought a Lessloss DPFC cord, very highly thought of in this forum and reviews. I compared it with the Robusto on the power supply, Leema Antilla CD player and K&k phono stage. The sound was clearly different, a deeper base, richer tone with the Robusto, a bit more air and speed with the Lessloss. Hard to say which was better, on classical, it seemed to be the Robusto.

I am not associated with Mark Coles, but I recommend a look at his website and the review in this months Positive Feedback on line.

Cool! glad you found a bit of wire that works for you.
that is weird isn't it.. you would think power cable to turntable power supply box for motor would not be affected by selection of power cord... you got me wanting to experiment now! I use an Ensemble power cable and wonder what else I should try..
Totally agree. I own a system of entirely PAD Dominus Ferox/Anniversary Contego PCs (Transparent REf IC/SCs) and my last 2 purchases in PCs were Robustos. To my ear, they really are that good, and Mark is a very friendly, helpful and responsive designer/owner. i know Mark but am not affiliated with him. Just a happy consumer. Highly recommended!
Hi Lloydelee21,

I was wondering if you could provide some thoughts on what the differences were between the Robusto power cord and the PAD Anniversary Contego PC's and which component you are using the Robusto power cords on. Thanks very much.
Hi Babybear,

The PAD Ann Contego is most remarkable (in my own opinion) for its super-black background and richness of sound. almost a rich black if you will. It makes sound come thru as music.

The Robusto's primary 'character' if i could call it that is a clear, natural sound contrasted against a very black background.

Those are my impressions...the key is when you a/b them. i was surprised at how much detail comes thru on the Robusto compared with the fantastic PAD Ann Contego.

I use the Robusto on my transport and on my Velodyne (the bass became much cleaner, clearer and more controlled). The transport reacted phenomenally well to the Robusto and not so well to the PAD Ferox C.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Lloyd.
Babybear I would really suggest you read the Positive Feedback report, it does seem to nail the cord very well. I would agree that it sounds slightly softer and darker than other cables I have used. Immediately you have an impression of lack of detail. In fact it is all there, just not brightly lit and obvious. The tonal palette and dynamics are all there and as that report pointed out, it seems to be built on an exceptuonal base performance.
It is loss obvious more organic and natural sounding than some cords, but I really like the sound. I think you have to try it, to see if you do. Mark does sale or return I believe, but he arranged for me to borrow one local to me.