power cords and krell amps any suggestions?

I'm thinking about upgrading form the stock cord for both of my amps a Ksa 200s and a Kav-500 3. We are using the Audioprism
Power Foundation lll, I also have 2 20 amp dedicated circuts for the system with the orange heavy duty recepticals. Which power cords have you tried and what were the results? Or would I be better served upgrading my recepticals first? I would like to here from Krell owners but of course all imput would be helpful.
Thanks for your help.
I've had great results using the stock power cords on my krell amps with the PS Audio high current ultimate outlets. I would highly recommend this setup.
I would try the FIM 880 outlets first. If you desire more after that the outlets would be a keeper and you could try different power cords.
Due to the high current draw, make sure that any power cords that you use are heavy in gauge and fit tightly into both the wall outlets and IEC jack. Keep in mind that heavy gauge conductors ( 12 gauge or better ) does not necessarily mean "big in diameter" or "hard to bend". Sean
I upgraded my stock cords to Transparent powerline plus cords with good results on my MDA-300 amps. Even better results are had with the DIY power cords (flavor #2) designed by Chris Ven Haus. His web page is:
I have since upgraded all the cords on my Krell equipment with these DIY cords and am very pleased with the results. The longest cords was less than $50 to produce. Well worth looking into.
I'm not familiar with your particular Krell units, but I've had customers who like the synergy of Shunyata Research power cords with their Krells. The Shunyatas are voiced on the warm, rich and lush side, which helps make the highly revealing Krells a little more forgiving of less-than-perfect recordings.
You might want to try a P.S. Audio Lab cable. It made a significant improvement on a KAV250 I had. Go to their website;they have a free 30 day trial & the price is very reasonable. I am using Syn. Research on all my front end components but I liked the results I got with the Lab cable on the amp & it cost a lot less. My new Krell amps have a captive cable but if they did'nt I would use the Lab cable on them. Larry w.
I also have the krell 200s and I use electraglide fatboy with great results. Opens the soundstage and provides deeper
I second the recomendation of Shunyata PC on Krells, I'm using a Shunyata Mojave on my FPB 200 and it just sounds right. The FIM Gold and ESP essence are also great on Krells.
I am listening to Krell KAV-250a and KPS-25sc. I upgraded the power cords to Siltech SPO-18 one meter cords and thought the difference was slight but definitely more musical and relaxed. The difference is noticeable in an A/B comparison. E-mail me privately if you would like the name of the person who got me the cables at a very good price. I don't know anything about the AC coming into my house but it is a new home.
I've been using Granite Audio 560 cords for my KAV-250 & 250 a/3.

Can't quite forget that first time--swapped out a cord, put on a CD, and my jaw dropped. :)

Haven't compared to many other similarly priced cords though. . .
Thank you for all of the imput. So far all I have done is get the FIM 880 recepticals one for each of my dedicated circuts. The first thing I noticed was how tight they were when I went to plug everything back in after the install. Then after turning everything back on I put in a couple of cd's and was very impressed by what I heard. There was a lot more detail and it seemed as if the background was much quieter (blacker). Before I buy any powercords I want to listen the system like this for awhile.
Thanks again for your help.
I have a KSA-250, and use Shunyata throughout my system.
Have been using the Taipan, and if you are still using the stock PC - you won't believe the difference. You can't go wrong at that price -everything gets improved: soundstage, tighter base, more revealing ETC..
If you have the budget, wait a little and get the new Anaconda version designed for amps - out in the next few weeks. (not to be confused with reg. Anaconda.)
Good luck.
Krell power cords supplied by Krell according to Krell are not necessary to upgrade. I have not replaced the power cord but added the Ultimate Outlet by PS Audio there is a difference. Base is deeper and the monoblocks became more musical. This Ultimate 20 amp outlet is plugged into both of my Krell monoblocks (350mcx's) by the way on a 20 amp circuit. The sound difference can be heard. I spent my money on the AC Ultimate Outlet versus the power cord!!!
I build PCs ($69) and assemble DIY Kits ($32) around the outstanding Belden 83802 12AWG in Teflon cable. Many of us have used this stuff for a year or two and are very gratified by the results as a surprisingly low price. Now that really great HD screw-clamp Shurter IECs are available, you can put together one of these outstanding PCs in a 1/2 hour with just screwdrivers, a toothpick and a knife. RSVP is you want to try one. Happy Thanksgiving!

try the custom power cord model 11, or maybe the top
gun model,in my experience with power cords these are
the best,try them, music direct might loan you.
Pure Note Sigma.

They are fantastic!!!