Power Cords: Acoustic Zen vs Dave Elrod.Your View?

I've nailed down my next power cord upgrade to either the Acoustic Zen krakatoa/Gargantua or the Dave Elrod EPS2/3. Anyone has listened to both? Any opinion? How are they different? I am looking for a cord that is transparent, musical and opens up the soundstage without any harshness. I live in Singapore, in Asia, and as it is often here, dealers don't carry the products I want. So I am really buying 'blind' and appreciate the views of contributors/audiophiles on this forum as this will form the research/basis for my purchase. Thanks in advance.
I have not tried the power cords from Acoustic Zen, but have interconnects, digital cable and speaker cables. I have been using Bob Crump, but I have one power cord from Dave Elrod, who I me thru Joule Electra, he makes great products and has a revolutionary patent for his power cords. I have one hooked up to my preamp and I am extremely happy with it. If you have contact with him, just tell him that you had some conversation with Joe from Hong Kong. Best regards, Joe
How much are the Elrod PCs, I see no mention of this anywhere. Is there a website?
My Acoustic Zen Tsunami was like giving my CD player steroids, so I suspect that the Krakatoa is smokin' (if you'll pardon the pun!)
Glassboy: David has not had a chance to put a website up yet. He is a bit backordered and has been for the past 6 months.

His cords range from $1200 - $1500. They are worth it!

Hello acw@!

My post is not quite a follow up to your tread.
Anyway, I hope you will answer it...

For some time now I was looking for the web sites similar to the Audiogon but placed in the Far East.
I couldn't fine any.

As you live in Singapore - can you give me a helping hand in this respect?

I have some not very tipical audio equipment (220/240V mains voltage) which is not suitable to trade in in the USA - that's the reason of my question.

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Glassboy: Regarding Elrod Power System - you can find them in Manufacterer List - choose letter "E". Best cords I eaver heard
hi acw,

I live in Singapore (and having lived in the US for a few years), I can understand you predicament.

Have Shunyata and Electraglide pc in my system. Have heard some Acoustic Zen pc but not Dave's creation. IMHO, pc is very system dependant...

Drop me a private e-mail if wish the compare notes.