Power cords, AC line conditioners---preferences?

looking to purchase the above to enhance my system of CJ 250s and CJ pre ET 5---since little too sample and compare, input is appreciated.
I use Bybee conditioner , tara labs speaker wire converted to Power Cords, simply magic.

For me the Bybee conditioner transforms your system from great to fantastic. Takes your system to a whole new level.
Equitech, the only real option!
There is only three choices for me if you don't want to add artifacts and compression to your music. Tripoint Audio SPARTAN, ORION, TROY.
Audio upgrade is a never ending journey. It all depends upon where you want to stop and get off, and whether the point of diminishing return is worth the price to you. Just like in wine, how much you are willing to pay for a bottle of fine wine depends on how much you enjoy that extra bit of aroma. Similarly, you can always get more improvement in the sound through an upgrade in something, whether a new cable, power conditioner, speakers, amp, preamp, etc.

Point here is that both the power conditioner and power cords make big differences in sound. So both are just as important. Even more amazing is that the power cord that connects the power cord to the conditioner and the wall socket is also extremely important. It sounds sort of counter intiuitive....

However, given that you have not upgraded your power cords or purchased a power conditioner, I would suggest that you start with power cords. Because once you start with a power conditioner, you already clearly have the audiophile disease because normal people don't feel the need to regenerate or condition the electricity in their home....
One of the best VFM power products I have used is the Monarchy audio AC regenerator. It can only support upto 150 watts so power amps are out of question but for CDP and preamp this one product is right among the best. The improvement in definition, smoothness, PRAT and backgorund blackness is just amazing. All this without affecting the existing warmth is rather surprising. And it costs only $750 or so (less than a decent power cord). I use it only with my source and I just cannot live without it.