Power Cords: A Skeptic Looking to Dabble...

Even though I am generally a skeptic when it comes to a lot of audiophile related things, I am curious enough to consider dabbling a bit in the coming months.

Here's my current system for reference:

(1) APC H15 Power Conditioner
(2) Pioneer Elite PD-D6-J SACD player
(3) Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 interconnect (6 feet)
(4) Yaqin MC-30L integrated amplifier (EL34 tube)
(5) Blue Jeans Cable Belden 5000 Series 10 AWG 5T00UP (7 feet)
(6) Focal 836v speakers

The SACD player and amplifier are plugged into the power conditioner (used primarily for surge protection) and all equipment is using the stock cords. The power cord on the power conditioner is a beast compared to everything else in the system.

I would be looking for recommendations new or used in the sub-$150 price range.

Is it reasonable to assume that a power cord could make a difference in my system at this price point? If so, which ones should I be considering? Also, please provide any reasoning and experience that you have with any recommendation.
I'd go with PS Audio Premire. Good deals to be found for this cable used.
One for the APC H15 power conditioner and another through to the
Yaqin MC 30L.
Vegasears - you identify something most people often forget about - UL Certification

Fact is - any DIY project, like power cables, are not UL certified - even if the actual cable is.

Most cables, like Furutech, DHLabs, Nelson etc.. are subject to rigorous testing and scrutiny beyond that imposed by various agencies - i.e. except those fake cables that are appearing for sale on the internet.

Buyer beware!

Even store-bought power cables may carry the UL certified sticker, but even that may be counterfeit these days.

I once purchased a nicely constructed and packaged power cable from one store and when I tested is it was incorrectly wired.

From that point on I decided the UL certification sticker does not quarantee quality and to make my own

When it comes to power - ya never can be too careful.
Patrick at Cullen cable here on this site has some great and inexpensive cords that will make a nice difference for you. He also has an outlet filter that will be much better than the PC you are using. I think its the Cullen ultimate outlet. Trust me the outlet is like $100 and his cables are around $100. Get the gold series 10 amp cord for your tube amp and copper 15 amp one for your source and with his outlet will be VERY happy and it is not much money. Plus he is a great guy to deal with. His dad owns Cullen circuits and he has made stuff for his dad, W4S and PS Audio, etc. Really helped my system and I have some semi-expensive gear. Thanks
Despite claims to the contrary let me be the 3rd to endorse Pangea, a lot of cable for a very reasonable price. I bought a Triode Wire cable with copper connectors (not plated) recently and like it very much but it wasn't cheap.
I am also afraid of making my own cable but after all these exhortations to try it I may. I have a real nice Audience cable which you should be able to buy used. And for the third time, different sound, doesn't mean better sound.
Vegasears - It makes absolutely no sense to me that smaller AWG power cords would outperform larger AWG power cords. If the primary issue is the ability to transfer power and I'm assuming that configuration/design of the cables you were comparing was essentially the same, then this is exactly opposite what I'd expect?