Power cords

Hi Folks:

The first time that I heard the PS Audio P-300 with Multiwave2, I was flabbergasted with the improvement in sound that the front-end equipment could render. At a meeting of our audio society, my comment was that it added another layer of resolution to the signal. To this day, I still want that unit even though it has been supplanted several times over.

Which leads me to another major tweak which is the power cord. If I loved the sound of the PS audio p-300, then I am wondering if anyone has ever compared the sound of their latest power cord series with other top power-cords made by Shunyunta, Less Loss and Kimber? With the same source material?

As always, your help appreciated.

CT Audio Society
I just bought a PS Audio P600 to go with my other powerline conditioners: a Furman REF20i and a PS Audio PPP.
As for the cords.. I use Pangea on everything.
I wanted the P600 because that series was the only one with adjustable A/C fequency. (i am currently running it at 90hZ out)