Power cords

Has anyone tried Analyis plus POWER OVAL 2 ? THANKS arf
save your money the Acoustic Zen better them at every price point I compared and now own the AZ Tsmani, jus upgraded to the Giargantua .and the Absolute
Pjl - that was an ignorant and uninformed post. The Analysis Plus power Ovals 2 power cords out-perform MANY other power cords including your AZ TSUNAMI on particular components ( like Bryston amps for one example). Just because you happen to prefer AZ cables in YOUR system does not mean that they are always better than some other power cord in a completely different system. Arf - what component were you looking to run the A+ Power Oval with? Let me know and I will let you know what our customer feedback has been for your particular component.

I am using Power Oval 2 now. They are very good, detailed, and clear. I have been using some others before, but seems like Power Oval 2 perform the best!