Power Cords

I currently have Wireworld Silver Electra power cords with upgraded Platinum plugs. I had two 1M Wireworld Platinum power cords, but rearranged my system and required longer cords. Yesterday I borrowed two Shunyata Sigma NR power cords. On the first note my wife softly said, "that sounds better". She said it was clearer. I listened for a couple hours, changing the power cords a couple of times. In my system and to my ears this is my conclusion:
The Sigma's are cleaner, definitely has more bass, a dead silent and completely black background. The Wireworld cords are more detailed, with a wider soundstage and better spacing/separation of instruments. All things considered I'll keep my Wireworld, but I'm curious to listen to other power cords.
After inserting the Sigma's I just don't understand how anyone that listened to different power cords could conclude that they can't hear a difference. There is a difference, but like any other component the individual has to decide if the change is worth it. $6K for two power cords is relatively expensive. Expensive, but oddly maybe a good value? In my system there was a definite improvement with better bass impact and articulation. Would spending $6K or just changing amplifiers yield similar results? As with most components there are trade-offs...is there a power cord out there that has the benefits of the Sigma's and Wireworld Silver Electra's? If so, at what cost?  
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I had an audition earlier this week with the newest AQ Niagara conditioners and Hurricane/Tornado PCs. The dealer/retailer Alan Jones of HiFi Buys Atlanta, reported that these products are sonic matches for one another. I will take a second audition in a few weeks.

Happy Listening!
They do not match on facts. Tru-Fi did prove it. We tested both 1000 and the 7000. The Niagara 1000 we did test in different Tru-Fi systems ( in 2 months of time and then we send it back again). And our conditioners were superior in all parts. The Niagara 1000 did lack stage depth as well. And also did lose in each individual aspect/property of sound compared to the conditioners we use.

The 7000 had the same limitation in stage depth and width. And regarding intimate sound and individual focus. The conditioners we use were superior. I informed Audioquest Europe about this issue. I invited them and asked them to bring in their 7000. So we will show and make them understand the limitations of the Niagara 7000.

On the recording, you will find the details and aspects/properties of sound. And your system needs to be able to reveal it. All tests we do with Audioquest cables (loudspeaker cables/interconnects/power cables) always show us all the aspects of sound.

But when we connect the 1000 and 7000 2 aspects of sound are gone. Even all other demos I auditioned with the Niagara conditioners (during shows) showed the same aspects missing.

We love shootout and we work on facts. I will show Audioquest Europe which parts are missing. I will also go to their place. And I will also show them what is missing over here.

The sound always tells you the truth. And what is missing never can be heard. When an audio product does not own all the aspects of sound the end result will always be incomplete.

Tru-Fi always overrules each incomplete audio system. It always shows a superior level in emotion and intensity compared to each incomplete audio system.

In a few days, I will receive the new Audioquest Firebird. I think it will be stunning. All their cables can reveal all the aspects/properties of sound. It will not have the limitations as their conditioners showed to us.