Power Cords

I currently have Wireworld Silver Electra power cords with upgraded Platinum plugs. I had two 1M Wireworld Platinum power cords, but rearranged my system and required longer cords. Yesterday I borrowed two Shunyata Sigma NR power cords. On the first note my wife softly said, "that sounds better". She said it was clearer. I listened for a couple hours, changing the power cords a couple of times. In my system and to my ears this is my conclusion:
The Sigma's are cleaner, definitely has more bass, a dead silent and completely black background. The Wireworld cords are more detailed, with a wider soundstage and better spacing/separation of instruments. All things considered I'll keep my Wireworld, but I'm curious to listen to other power cords.
After inserting the Sigma's I just don't understand how anyone that listened to different power cords could conclude that they can't hear a difference. There is a difference, but like any other component the individual has to decide if the change is worth it. $6K for two power cords is relatively expensive. Expensive, but oddly maybe a good value? In my system there was a definite improvement with better bass impact and articulation. Would spending $6K or just changing amplifiers yield similar results? As with most components there are trade-offs...is there a power cord out there that has the benefits of the Sigma's and Wireworld Silver Electra's? If so, at what cost?  

Great post, good advice; also makes me want to try a Shunyata PC. 


I tested and compared Shunyata powercables. I also test each powercable on all the properties they own. Shunyata powercables are all limited in individual focus of voices and instruments.

When you compare them with Purist Audio powercables you will directly hear that voices and instruments become bigger in size and are also less tangible.

I started to test powercables in 2002 and have done many tests with them. They can make a huge difference and are more important than most people think.

I tested all the Audioquest powercables. They were not bad, but not good enough either. Recently they brought out new powercables.

3 weeks ago I received 3 Hurricane powercables. And they are of a totally different quality than they ever made. And are 3 times as thick than in the past.

I am not allowed to talk about them in details yet. But for the money they cost they are the best I tested sofar.

I would give them a try. They are superior to all the Shunyata I auditioned.
Curious why you can't talk about the new AQ cords.....aren't they available on the market currnetly?  There were loads of them in use at RMAF.  Also, what Shunyata cords did you try?

Lets not turn another thread into back and forth arguing! I'm open to any suggestions under $3K for a 2M cord.