Power Cords

I am looking for a new power cord (two meters long is sufficient). I would use it on a Adcom GFP-750 now and possibly move it to a Classe CA-201 amp later on if I get a second cord. I have heard a lot about the MIT Z Cord 2, some of the Synergistic research cords and all of the Powersnakes. I would definately buy used and am willing to spend up to $700 (though I wouldn't mind getting something less expensive). Thanks for your thoughts!
Carl will tell you all about MIT Z II, for the money though you can get HT Pro-AC11 cords for $100-125 used very good value and good performance......I own PowerSnakes Sidewinder which goes @$250 new, very hard to find used though, I like very much for CD player. For up to $700 used you are into some high end cables......PS Black Mamba, Electraglide,etc I defer to others for advice in this price range.....Sam
Email [email protected] and learn why his Stealth power cords are so good. (He's the designer, and all his cables can be seen at www.interlinkhouse.com.) I've found his a lot better than Classe and Cardas and some homemade ones of my own that were also better than Classe and Cardas. Don't pay a king's ransom for a power cord, not that they're unimportant. Stealths have a 30-day money-back guarantee.
Audition the Coincident power cable - moderately priced and will surprice you, the way they perform, needs at least 100 hrs. to sound it's best - very black - email [email protected] to audition one.
You could get into the Powersnakes Black Mamba or the new Powersnakes Viper even for what you are willing to spend. I had some Harmonic Tech AC 11s for my Pass amps and I found that the stock cords sounded better, if you have a bright system the Harmonic Tech might help, but for me they sound dark and slow. If you can afford it, nothing that I've tried even comes close to the King Cobra, it is laughably better than anything I've ever tried. You might check with Anthony he is very knowledgable and has great prices.
The Coincident is a great buy for the money.You dont need to spend 700.00 on a power cord.You can put the money elsewhere.Do you have dedicated power to your system.Also a PS Audio 300 used will get you more benifit than a 700.00 power cord.
Read the feedback about the BMI EEL Reference power cords, right here at the power cable auctions.I have 2 less costly BMI Majik cords that bettered my Audioquest DIY cords with top connectors ! I also have 3 EEL cords and another on the way, that after burned in ,have opened up everything,deeper and tighter bass,smoother and more detailed mids and highs as well as an improved soundstage.I have more volume and have to turn down from my normal level,and this has all happened with my PS Audio PP-300 (which does an incredible job in its own right !) .Click on any BMI auction for feedback and company information.These modestly priced $650. cords out perform many more costly cords(there was a topic at Sound Advice with many posts that were all positive about BMI which included improvements over more costly cords,but a couple of clowns cased the topic to be removed) In auction they can usually be had at about 1/2 the price.Once the word gets out and some reviews are done ,the cords will sell at retail and auctions will be no more.Highly recommended !
Ejlif, is Anthony someone on Audiogon or a dealer somewhere?
Can people actually hear the differences in power cords? isn't this getting out of hand?
Yes, quite easily. Go get one on trial from a local dealer and compare it to a stock wire. Of course, it won't really matter if your equipment is not very good, but it definately affects good gear. Go listen for yourself.
Art Dudley editor from Listener stated in the recent issue that he couldn't hear the difference in power cords and he certainly has good gear. I agree with the postings that state listen for yourself in your system and make up your own mind.
Hey Lihifiguy - where did you get the most improvement with your EEL's? I just got one but my Meridian transport crapped out and had to be sent in for service - 30 days they want to keep it!!!! I'm using an old Rotel in the meantime. I'm burning it in on a Classe Amp and have noticed a nice improvement over MIT and SR Master but won't do any critical listening until I get my Meridian back.
Sometimes the point is missed. Hearing a difference in power cords is not like hearing a difference in interconnects. Your system runs off of the AC outlets in your home. The electrical wire in you home (many yards of it) is, by far, the largest FM, ham, TV and other..antenna you have. The trouble is that your system needs the cleanest power it can get to do it's best. This is what all the power conditioners, power cords...etc. are trying to do. The reason you can hear differences between power cords and conditioners is the impact they have (or may not have) on your components ability to do their jobs. Simply, if your pre-amp and/or power amp are spending time and effort on RF, or other noise, going through your system (even though you can't hear it) it has impact on the components ability to work on the signal it is designed to. The least expensive way to hear this, is to use some of the RF Stoppers (Audioquest) or other versions of the same type of device on your current power cord. Usually there is an effect of everything sounding quieter and easier... more silence between notes....and more subtle sounds because of the components added ability to do the small signals.. Sorry to ramble...but your car would run poorly on dirty fuel.....well, we are surrounded by RF and other noise and signals that can very much impact your system. Actually, shielding and powerline clean-up may be the most improvement for the least money...........and most people don't do it.. ....because it is not as obvious as a new component or different speakers.
Nhorton- Anthony is a dealer I found him when I ran a wanted ad. I got a better price on new stuff from him than I could get buying used. I own the PS Audio Power Plant P300 and I also have the Powersnakes King Cobra for my CD player. Personally I got a much bigger improvment from the King Cobra than from the P300. I would even go as far as to say it is probably the biggest improvement I have ever had in my system.
Nhorton- Weird Audiogon doesn't allow me to list Anthony's website. Email me direct and I will give it to you. [email protected]
I would like to put in a vote for the positive effect of audiophile power cords. I have lived happily for over 15 years with a vintage system, ARC D150, SP3, and LS3/5a's. Finally, my curiosity got the best of me, and I installed some good quality cords. The improvement was not subtle, at least not in my system. Particularly noteworthy was an improvement in soundstage--instruments and voices have a healthier foundation, and there is a reduction of background "noise" as well. I'm certain an audiophile with Art Dudley's experience could have heard and appreciated this, so there must be something different going on over at his house. Cheers....
If $700 is your number buy the Black Mamba; but try it on your transport or cd player as well as your amp. YOu might be surprised where it sounds best. The improvement will be dramatic. Of all the changes I've ever made to my systems, wattagate outlets and Shunyata cords are far and away the most dramatic. $ for $ the best thing you can do for your system Luxor Groups line of Top Gun cords are also excellent. Mike Celestial Sound http://www.celestialsound.net 847-424-1480
Hi Pops,I noticed a nice difference on my pre amp and dac.I also detected an improvement on my McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe amp(overdue for the revision a upgrade and my P S Audio PP-300.I even have one coming for my transport as it sure can not hurt at these incredible auction prices.Happy listening.For those who do not wish to try or do not believe believe in power cord upgrades that is fine.There is the rare audio enthusiast that claim that he can not hear an improvement with power cord upgrades even with his high priced well matched reference gear.I would strongly suggest for him to take a hearing test as he is not capable of detecting what is truly going on.I have not found an audiophile who does not enjoy better power cords providing he has exceptional hearing and good listening focus and of course decent gear!I will not buy the 2 k cords unless I did not know what to do with my money,not even used at up to half off,unless I won lotto.I do not say they do not do what is claimed,it is just an extreme cost to me !Buying a popular lower cost used cord should be the next step for anyone still using stock cords.If there would be the remotest chance that you did not hear an improvement you can easily get your money back on a resale. Free your mind and embrace the music.
Yeah your right Lihifiguy - it's the biggest minimal expense improvement you can make if you have solid gear and I don't mean $1000 expenditures. I put an SR Master on my dac and was shocked, put another one on my transport and the improvement wasn't as great but reinforced the DAC. The EEL on my amp is as great as the first Master on the DAC. It was the most noticable improvement I've had, even over equipment upgrades. Power cords I think eliminate the need for power conditioning which I've never liked - it has always strangled my various systems. Dedicated lines and solid power cords are the ticket. Try it you'll like it - you won't have to strain or listen hard to be a believer.