Power Cords

Anyone had any direct comparison between Synergistic Master Couplers and SR Reference Couplers, particularly on the front end?
Hello Pops, My whole system is cable up by Synergistic Research. Going with a Reference A/C Master Coupler will give you more soundstage the detailness. A/C Master Couper is most used with Amps. And Reference A/C Master Coupler is very alike to A/C Master Coupler but in Silver Matrix vs Copper. If have more question feel free to email me. I am in Synergistic Research for life because of its sound and life time upgrades.
Thanks for the response hifinerd. I've got 2 masters on my transport and dac, I've tried one on my amp (classe 200) and I'm too impressed. The bass gets deeper but slower and not as detailed. I prefer MIT Z cord 2 - it adds nothing but clarity, speed, and a deeper soundstage. The masters however are much better than the MIT on the front end for sure.
I thought I could expect a tighter more detailed bass with the AC-Master on my DNA-1 dlx amp. What´s your comment on this hifinerd?
Hi Mettef; I'm not the 'nerd but I also have Syn. Res. wire on everthing in my system except Cardas dig. cables. And I have SR MCs on my amp-- McC. DNA-2DX and pre-amp. On the amp, I got deeper bass but not more detailed or articulate. Still it's pretty darn good. I agree with Hifinerd about SR wire. Cheers. Craig
Hey Mette, I think we discussed this via e-mail, I really like the SR MC on my transport and dac, but not so much on my Classe 200, the bass went deeper but slowed down a bit. I prefer MIT Z cord 2 on the amp, the soundstage became deeper and the bass is tight and extended. On the front end, the SR's are definitely superior, the MIT gives a much brighter presentation, I lose alot of the rich sound. Happy listening!
Pops have you tried to upgrade the plug on the MIT? I just did (Hubbell 5266C) and it improves quite a bit gaining bass control, soundstage and clarity. If you compare the plug blades you´ll notice the improvement in quality you get. It won´t look like the stocker but I put performance above looks...
Sol322, thanks for the input. No I haven't but would be interested. Who did this for you?
Hi Craig Do you agree with Pops about the slow bass? I prefer a tight ,fast bass. The Cable Company says that the AC-Master is one of the best power cords with the DNA amps. Happy listening. Hasse
Did myself. Simple to tell the truth, if you can carefully take out the molded plug you can see the color coded wires and repeat the same order in the new one. Honestly my amp bass response in the lower octave was really improved If you would like more detailed info e mail me ktm322@racsa.co.cr
Hi Mettef; I wouldn't describe the bass with SR-MC on my amp as faster; rather I would describe the pace, rhythm, and timing as "appropriate", or properly balanced. I tried a Powersnake Sidewinder on amp, and it was distinctly faster but also noticeably lighter in weight. I definitely preferred the SR-MC for its excellent balance. Cheers, Craig.