Power cord with warm treble + very solid bass ?

This is for a very good tube preamp.
I'm looking for a power cord that has a warm treble and upper midrange (that won't make me wince) but also has a solid, controlled detailed bass. And I would also like an overall "refined" sound that I hear in the higher end power cords.

Shunyata Anaconda CX and Stealth Dream have all the bass definition/control I want, but are a bit to raw/forward up top. The Anaconda CX comes very close but just seems to have a little fatigue-factor in the highs that is a problem in my system.

Older generation Anacondas have the mellow highs I am looking for but the bass is softer than I would like,
mainly when I use the preamp with headphones.

So is there some cord out there that is the best of both worlds?
I found a very affordable PC that will fill your needs. The MAC HC Soundpipe. Give it a try.
while the hobby is subjective, all i can do is tell you what i am using. i like the fusion romance 2. i can't guarantee that the bass will be tight enough, but you probably can get a home audition.

from my experience, there are very few companies that design power cords satisfying your criteria.
Purist Audio Dominus (Ferox, not Fluid). I like the Dominus B almost better than C. Very, very low noise floor, smoooooth, deep powerful bass. just my opinion... Your ears are the only ones that matter! let us know if you try it, what you think! good luck!
I'm a huge Cardas fan - lots of detail but never harsh, warm through the middle and a solid bottom end.

I'm using the Golden Golden Reference on my pre.
Thanks everyone! I did think about Purist, Lloyd, after once trying their ICs and being amazed by the well defined bass.
And thanks to Mr. Tennis for that honest answer that kind of confirmed my suspicions. (Maybe I'm just searching for the mythical holy grail.)

Many times I shy away from cables of any sort that are described as "extended in the highs," as that may be a hint that they are fatiguing. (That has happened with cables I have used involving many speakers & headphones over the years.) Maybe that's the current trend in cables and other components. If someone said there was a little roll-off, I would not be offended (just the opposite). I hope I don't get flamed here...
Purist Audio Dominus. Fluid or Ferox is very much a matter of match and taste; both are absolutely first rate.
Kimber Palladian absolutely meets your criteria and then some....
Rgs92, many of us do this (me included) and ask questions on the forums and try to extrapolate the cable experiences of others to our own systems. That approach usually does not work. Example: I have owned 2 of the cords mentioned here, the Purist Audio Dominus Ferox, and the MAC HC Soundpipe. The Dominus was warm but did not promote the strong bass others said. There was no change in bass. The MAC cord, which is also a good cord, seems warm and is good in the bass, so I concur. But I used each cord in different applications. Remember, (I'm sure you know), every cable (especially power cables-more than other types) will respond differently in each system based on the system components and characteristics. Unfortunately, it's necessary to go through trial and error and listen. But I don't blame you for asking for feedback from others. I still do it, in spite of the fact that I always know the message: YMMV. Buy and try; sell or return the cords that don't make the grade.
i have reviewed mac cables and have great respect for steve. he designs a good product at a fair price.

when a suggestion was made regarding the mac soundpipe and the two posters confirmed its warmth, by warmth, does some mean, rolled in the treble and slightly elevated in the upper bass or lower mids, or does it mean a balanced frequency response with no exaggerated treble and no leanness ?

i have always thought of warmth as a coloration, but others may have another connotation.
AUDIENCE AU24 wonderful everything.
there you go MrTennis balanced frequency response with no exaggerated treble or no leanness.

Dealer/Manufacturer disclaimer
My interpretation of warm treble is rolled-off treble. There are many, many power cables that do just that. But those really limit the capabilities of a great system. Why spend tens of thousands of dollars just to sweep a perceived flaw under the rug?

Really, you want your system to have very extended treble that is free from grain and accentuation. You also want a balanced and linear cable. I would recommend you try NVS copper and silver series, in addition to Tripoint Thais.

I'm also a bit surprised you perceive the cable to your tubed preamp as the source of your discomfort. Are you sure it isnt your CD player or amplifier PCs? Another tip, while I don't know your system or how it is set-up, is to potentially remove a couple degrees of toe-in. For some speakers, the tweeter can hit your ears before the midrange and cause some accentuation. Rotating the speaker will balance detail and focus vs. warmth and smoothness. Also, it will change sound stage width and depth from narrow vs. wide. You may need to find the sweet spot after any component change.
get a preamp with tone controls or find an eq. better yet, get different speakers!
A Sablon Audio Robusto is exactly what you're looking for.
I can recommend VH Audio AirSine and LessLoss. The AirSine has been in my system longer than any of them and LessLoss has been a good one.
I had Oyaide Tunami GPX, a powerful-sounding power cord, with strong mid-bass, i can recommend it to anyone who needs warmth.

Now I have the more neutral GPX-R Beryllium, and I use Cardas Golden Reference interconnects and speaker cables.
You may have found your answer already...but in your first paragraph, you are describing the Sablon Audio Robusto to a 'T'
There is another recent thread with comments.
No such thing.

If your rig is capable of doing what you want, a good power cord might help it do it better, but a power cord alone has no inherent sound characteristics.
i find the verastarr Grand illusion will definitely give you the upper treble and upper midrange your looking for. the bass is detailed and controlled also. i switched to ps audio premier PC (which has some silver in it) because my room is fully treated for my home theater (too much absorption for 2 ch.), that i needed to brighten up the sound a bit for 2 ch.

the ps audio has better bass but sounds a bit thinner/colder in the upper mid/upper treble compared to the verastarr. even tho i am currently selling the verastarrs, im not sugar coating anything hear. the warm treble and midrange presence is really where the verastarr shines.
what do the cable makers do to get all these varied results? how do the cables differ say bass vs upper range?