Power cord with a Mcintosh MC402

Can any of you convey your positive experiences with power cords for my MC402? Amp is connected to a C2200 preamp using Purist Audio Venustas interconects and a HT Fantasy AC-10 as a power cord on the C2200. Was using a Cardas setup (Golden Ref XLR's and power cord for the amp) but found it a little too relaxed. Thanks. Dave
What about the HT fantasy? Have you tried it? I have 501's and using stock, have only tried MIT ZII and SR master but prefer stock to both.
Hi Dave, I use a VH Audio Flavor 4 with Furutech FL-25 Gold. Its really opens up the sound while maintaining the sweetness. The one caution I discovered with this AMP is that it does not like power conditioners. It needs to be feed directly from the outlet, otherwise it significantly constricts the sound and makes it rather dull. I use Nordost Blue Heaven XLR Interconnects and XStream Statement Biwire speaker cables with good results but I am thinking about switching both to Nordost Red Dawn to see if they'll result in a faster attack. I'm interested in seeing the other replies. I'm also curious if anyone has used a Shunyata Hydra 8 with the MC402 and the results. Good Sounds, Bill
I have a MAC MC402 amp and had the best results with a Bmi Cables Hammerhead Gold/ag silver cable. Compared to many other cables from Shunyata Anaconda and EG Epiphamy the Hammerhead Gold/ag was the most natural dynamic cable I've ever heard. Greatly improved imaging and superlative resolution when listening with the Hammerhead Gold/ag.
Hey Dave, I also have the MC402 and C2200. Have used the Cardas Golden Reference and Kimber Select. Since you have used the Cardas try the Kimber PK 10 Gold pc. I`ve had much success with this pc and Kimber with my system. It`s more dynamic, quiet, and natural sounding than the Cardas.

happy listening
I have tried various AC power cords (the latest being from DL Labs) with my McIntosh equipment and have noticed absolutely no improvement in sound. My finding is consistent with what McIntosh has found.

you should have reveling speakers etc , etc to know the difference..