Power Cord Wall to Conditioner

I recently moved into an apartment (condo community) with limited electrical facilities (60 amperes per unit). My amps and sources are plugged into a single power conditioner (an Isoclean 80A). What power cords should I consider for connecting the power conditioner to the wall outlet?
For my higher power gear the power cord I use from wall to the conditioner is a Pangea AC9.It is a pain in the butt to route though as it is very rigid. For the power conditioners that I use for my sources the cord I've used 12 AWG Carol Cable with upgraded ends from SonarQuest. I use the ones with red gold plated blades.
A quality PC usually comes already equipped with its own good quality power cord

Otherwise get something decent - even DIY with quality cable and connectors - at the sub $150 price range.
The PC is another intervening filter in substance so no need to go overboard.

What are you using on the components themselves? Synergy with these would be nice.

With the system that you have, for God's sake, get a good power cord. If you don't want to buy new, I think that I know where you can get Silent Source The Music Reference for $1,000.00.

Check out offerings from Cullen Cables and Signal Cables. They're approach is straightforward and voodoo free and won't break the bank.

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Anticables make some extremely good power cables that perform very well.

good luck
I'm in a similar situation and am pleased with Cullen cables.
Triode Wire Labs PCs also get nice reviews and have a good trial period. Best of luck.
10-10-14: Krell_man
I think that I know where you can get Silent Source The Music Reference for $1,000.00.

Chuck, if you don't mind, could you pm me and let me know? The Audiogon system doesn't like me anymore.

I have just finished a long testing of power cords. My PS Audio P10 power regenerator sounds much better with a quality power cord connecting it to the wall outlet. It doesn't make sense to me considering that the AC is regenerated into a new pure sine wave but the difference is noticeable. I found that the $1149 Lessloss Signature did an excellent job but while auditioning the Anti-cable Level 3 power cord on other components I tried it on the P10 and it is better than the Lessloss for $330. Don't misunderstand that the Level 3 is better for all components because it isn't (other than the best bass I've heard from any power cord). It is however superior providing clean abundant power to my regenerator. It has a money back guarantee as well. Good luck.
Ok;you're joking.
Has anyone tried the Audio Art Statement 1 from wall to power conditioner? Their online literature suggests a heavy degree of shielding.
Nothing on the power cord. But I have their 5se ic's and they are excellent.