Power cord VH Audio Flavor 4 vs Nordost Brahma

Has anyone compared these cables on a amp or cdp with volume control?
I'm considering the flavor 4 as option for my pass aleph 3 and a flavor 1 for an audio aero capitole. I thought of brahma but it's rather expensive and not sure will notice the difference.
Would be grateful to hear opinions / suggestions
I have zero experience with Nordost, but have had the VH 4 for years. And have found it to be an excellent budget cord for amps. Value wise, certainly beyond the $150 that they go for used. Clean, free flow power is how I would describe it.

For the past year or so, I have used it with a nice Rawson DIY Aleph J for what seems to be a perfect match. Recently i also used it with the LFD integrated, which was OK, but the LFD sounded better with an AZ Tsunami II.

Strange though, I recall when I 1st got it,..it was unrully or untamed for the 1st 100 hours or so,...sounding quite different from day to day for those 1st few weeks. But it did settle in & usually finds a place in my system, usually with a secondary amp. I highly recommend it for the Aleph 3.

I wouldn't recommend it with a good or resolving CDP, although I have never used it for that purpose; for that I would look for something more refined.
Dlcockrum and Elizabeth, out of respect for your opinions on other power cords strings, I am going to abstain from answering this. But I want you to know how hard this is for me.