Power cord used with phono pre- amp?

Is anyone using a power cord other than stock cord with phono amp and what is the benefit? I have a Conrad Johnson Premier 15 Series 2 phono stage and just had it upgraded to CJD Teflon capacitors and considering upgrading the stock power cord. Thanks, Bill
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So far I have used an HMS, Audioquest, Bryston, NeoTech NEP-3200 with Oyaide P079, Harmonix X-DC Studio Master Power Cord, stock, and Pangea 9 and 14's on an Aesthetix IO Signature.

I am still using the Bryston power cable. All of the others do something different, but to my ears, add or subtract something that I find not in my best interest in musical enjoyment.

The Pangea 9 gives a great bass senastion, but at a distinct loss of high frequency energy (I would not have believed this either, but true on my system). For those who have an analytical system that lacks bass, the Pangea 9's would be perfect.

The HMS and Harmonix cables are awesome and very silent, too silent, I mean their is no loss of high frequency response as with the Pangea 9's, but they alter the listening environemnt just enough that if you know music, and are listening to your favorite LP and waiting for that subtle transient que to take place, with slight bristle of timber from the cymbals, you will be listening hard, the midrange listening experience is delicate and more palpable with a different degree of musical experience compared to the others cables, with a slight loss of high energy, you will miss the shimmer of the cymbals but the mids and vocals may appear to be better due to the offest in freq these cables are causing, mostly due in part with the built in filtering in the HMS and the thickness of the Harmonix I believe.

The Neotech power cables are close to sounding right, but I can't put my finger on it, the mids seem a little too euphonic, and the bass is a little shy, not bad, just a little shy. I am still playing with these and have not decided to keep them in for longe term listening sessions yet. I purchased the NeoTech NEP-3200 / Takefive audio.

My two favorites, the Bryston power cables (pluuged in right now) and the stock ones. I am pretty sure I keep migrating back to these cables because there are no inconsitencies in the musical spectrum. Compared to the other cables, these cables let the music flow, without any alteration of the music and the subtle ques I mentioned above that are missing with the other cables, are there in spades with the stock. The other cables, silencers for the masses.

I loved it when the dealer trying to sell me the HMS cables tried to persuade me to believe that these cables were the cat's meow; I just could not follow the dealers logic, they sucked my system dry, get ouf of here. On the otherhand, the stock and Bryston cables allow the full dynamics and musicality of the music to be heard. The Bryston cables, being ruggedely built have solid connection into the AC and can be easily routed.

One other tweak I did for my AC, besides having six dedicated lines, was to use a phase detector and properly phase each component in the AC chain. This adds dimensianlity, depth and increase dynamics. It is incredible. The device I used is from Germany, but you can use a voltmeter to do the same thing in the USA.


Here is one I found that is easy use:

The problem with "this" kind of "upgrade" is, that it won't survive a comparison with another piece of electronics which is done better internally.
But anyway, from my experience, best for bang you can do is to replace the connector only. I use Oyaide, they are good from specs and contact area.
That is a good point. I was once told by an electrical engineer who is also an audiophile, that he felt that the best upgrade path for the Neotech AC cables was to change the ends. He felt, and I do the same, that the internal construction of the Neotech cables were solid performers without altering the AC paths, but the connectors did influence, to a degree the perceieved sound and quality.

Alll I can say is, based on my experience, costs do not mean a thing when it comes to cables and syngergy, trial and error, and lots of time, more so. There is no magic fix, just reasonable listening and comparing of ones listening traits to get to that point where someone can say this is it. There is a relationship of price to quality and packaging, but again, that does not mean it is the best fit to someones system, yeah, we all know that already, that is why we are here.(Something stated from the movie, Matrix).

Your system is pretty impressive and looks nice, I bet you have done a lot of cable comparisons on your way to nirvana.
I bet you have done a lot of cable comparisons on your way to nirvana.

Hi AQ4L :-),
well, honestly, yes, some. But I am not a cable fanatic, I think the best investment is in better electronics. Cables are normally used to compensate something weak in the chain or to bend the sound to owners taste (whatever this will be). Discussions about that are like rolling a dice ... :-)
Hi Syntax,

"Discussions about that are like rolling a dice ... :-)"

True, so true. I think that we share the same reasonable thought process on this matter as well.

A reasonable discussion on power cables. Congratulations guys!! Whoo Hoo seriously!