Power cord upgrades for Krell amps

I'm looking for ideas and recommendations for upgrading the power cords on my Krell fpb 350M amps. Does it really make that much difference?
Well I certainly think so. I had the stock power cord and then upgraded to a 20amp Transparent Reference and it was night and day. Not quite as dramatic as the result I had upgrading the power cord on my CD player but it was still quite significant. I would audition power cords from the same manufacturer as your other cables in case there is a timing and synergy that comes through. But I'm quite satisfied with Transparent Audio products.
I am using a Synergistic Research Tesla Apex on my FPB400cx and could not be happier.I had tried and used quite a few others but the Tesla is definately the best to my ears.
Of course Krell recommends using the provided power cable, which is a Belden for their amplifiers. While I can't (and wouldn't want to) dispute other's claims (as above), Krell has stated that additional improvement has not been proven by changing the PC over their provided ones on their amplifiers. It would seem that if significant improvements were available via changing the PC then Krell would be quick to sell such an expensive PC at a reasonable Krell price.

Isn't the power cable on the 350m captive? My FPB 300-C has a captive PC. My FPB 200 was not captive, but did not have the standard amp plug that is standard to most PCs.
Ckoffend: I have always been of the same mindset as you on the matter but I am interested in the opinions of other folks that have upgraded. I hope more will respond.
I am not saying that a PC change cannot improve the performance of a Krell amp. In all likelihood it is just as likely to improve the performance of a Krell as many other brands. Just conveying Krells position on this. This topic is covered in several other threads that you may want to check out that may have more commments alredy posted. FWIW, my Krell dealer suggests that I replace my Krell PC with Transparent for a noticeable sonic improvement!
Dude, the power cords are captive on the 350M's..I had them!! IF they needed a PC I would go with Transparent for power..reference MM is special!!
If you have a captive cord and don't know what to do about that problem, consider changing out your Krell amp fuses to Hi Fi Tuning fuses. I was tremendously happy with my 1 amp fast blows on my 350 mcx amps, (2 each amp). Amazing.

If someone can tell me how to remove the captive cord, I would give it a shot.
Get an MIT Z stabilizer Duo, feed it with a Transparent MM ...both amps get the benefit of cleaner power!! Does that make you horny?
I always thought that "captive PC" mean't that you could not remove the cord from the amp without major surgery. My PCs unplug from the amps so I am thinking that they are NOT captive. Perhaps the configuration of the plug is to be considered??
Puerto, captive means that it is hardwired into the back of the amp, not a simple 3-prong IEC connector. Most components have removeable power cords. Just because a cord is captive, does not mean you cannot change it. Though it does require you to remove the existing cord and its hardware and install an IEC power cord socket to accept other power cords.
Ckoffend: That's what I thought - mine are not captive so I could follow-up on some of the above suggestions - if I had that kind of discretionary income to spend on a PC! Geez, some of those things are 2K. It's still hard to believe that you would get 2K worth of improvement - maybe I'm being naive.
Look into DCCA audio power cords. They worked well with my Krell amp that I previously owned. E-mail them and Don will help you pick one out from his line and a budget you can afford. Be sure you get one of his newer models. They are killer!
Joeybovni: Thanks for the tip - I will follow-up on that as I did with the other suggestions. Yours sound more affordable!
After a lot of research I am leaning towards the Audio Art Power 1 PC. they have good specs and come with Furutech ends. They are in the $165 range on an introductory price offer.., Thoughts or comments?
Puerto, it's always a wonderful idea to expect a miracle from a new value driven product...I know I have! At the end of the day, when you have the money, a Transparent MM reference, an MIT Oracle AC 2 or a Kimber PK 10 power cord will transform any system for the better. All other dablings will offer marginal improvements at best....the cable company will let you experience any of the above, if you dare!!
Dave_b: Thanks for the input. I will look at your recommendations.
In my sistem to power Krell KSA-300s the best power cord
is Purist Dominus/Ferox, that very very best sound .
Purist Dominus/ferox epsom saltsem quadrotriticaly...had it, ok but nothin gonna do what the transparent MM reference do!!
I use Elrod Statements on my old KRell FPB 600. It was an amazing combo, adding smoothness and extenion and removing the last artifact of solid state. Suffice it to say I felt it placed the Krell in a different class that is still competitive with the best today.