Power cord upgrade/replacement on Denon POA-6600 monoblocks

Hi, everyone!

I recently got my hands on a pair of Denon POA-6600 monoblocks in superb condition.  They sound great on my Magnepans, but one thing that bothers me about them is the power cord.  It's permanently attached/soldered on, there is no IEC socket.  The cord is of "high quality lamp cord" grade.  My question is this: has anyone attempted an upgrade of the power cord on one of these (or sister amps, POA-7700, etc) and what was the result?  I would be interested in "reversible" modification, i.e. solder an upgraded cord in place of factory one, not cut the metal on the back to install an IEC socket.

Here is a pic in someone's ad on US Audiomart:


I don't plan on selling them, but you never know what might happen in life, so I would lean toward a reversible mod.
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You could cut the cord about 5 inches from the amp and attach an IEC male connector on the cord.  Then plug in your cable of choice.  That would be the easiest way out.
Hey, @chattaudio, if your looking for someone to replace the stock cords, check out Cullen Cable. Patrick (Cullen) makes fantastic cables and does repair/modification work. He has an extensive background in the HiFi audio industry. Drop him an email and let him know what your looking for.

He does great work. He replaced the IEC inlet on my streamer. You can't even tell he opened it up. I also just added a full set of his cables to my system; from wall outlet to speakers. My system has never sounded better.