Power cord upgrade on your Jolida JD-100?

After upgrading the stock tubes, it seems that the next most popular tweak or upgrade on the Jolida JD-100 is the power cord. I was just wondering what power cords current and past owners are using or have tried and their impressions on each?

I have a stock unit arriving soon and I'm eager to start some tube rolling and a PC upgrade.
I bought a stock JD100 and tube rolled over the last few months, finally finding a pair of Ei Yogo ECC83 Gray Plates.(not elite gold pins) as the best sounding in my system.

I use an Electraglide Ultra Khan 2 Revalation/Revised Statement on the JD and all my major components with excellent results.-Ken
I have tried several tubes but like the GE 5751 black plates best - at least with my current gear. Tried Signal, Kimber, MIT, and some DIY power cords but prefered my MIT Z-cord the most (it usually ends up that way). enjoy! Arthur

I haven't tried tube rolling extensively as I stuck with the RCA 3 mica black plates 5751. As for PC I ended up with a TG Audio SLVR with great results.

I started out with a Shunyata Diamondback which was very clean but lacked low end. Recently I tried a Chris Venhaus Flavor 4 and it made all the difference. Improved weight in the low end, more palpable midrange and more sparkle in the highs. Better overall focus. Highly recommended and affordable. I also swithced from Chimera Advantage II ic's to Vampirewire CC II's. If you're not familar with the raves about the Flavor 4,(and I'd be surprised if you weren't)check the Cable Forum at Audioasylum. Many members, including me, think it's a great cable--and it's reasonably priced as audiophile aftermarket pc's go. For tubes, I've found better top to bottom performace with RCA NOS (I think they're very solid performers). BTW, I used to complain about a lack of low end with the Jolida, but since I hooked up the Flavor 4 it's been beating my Simaudion Nova in the low end. BTW, good move to purchase the stock unit. I ordered my unit from Underwood Hi Fi with the Level One upgrade. I've never been thoroughly convinced it was worth it, but maybe I felt that way because I was using the wrong PC on the player. Just add some vibration deadening material to the underside of the cover, tube roll and add a good pc and you'll be tapping your feet.
Thanks to everyone for their input so far.

Foster, I'm happy to see your post on the Flavor 4's. They are a power cord I am seriously considering given the favorable reviews I've read but I didn't know if it would match well with the JD100. But after your post, I think I may give it a try. After all, I can always use it on my amp right?

Arthur, what were your impressions of the Signal Cable PC and was it their digital reference model that you tried?

Cheers, Mike
signal cables make good beefy power cables, for a very good price.
If you get the Flavor 4, I'm sure Chris will warn you about the long burn in period. I have a couple pc burn in adapters, one of them I bought from Chris. They're a must-have for most audiophiles. I had 2 Flavor 4's daisy-chained on a dehumidifier for weeks before doing critical listening. Burning in that way requires much patience however, but his 60 day trial is unbeatable.
I tried the Flavor 4 on my McIntosh integrated and it did not outperform my JPS AC+ cord. But pc's like most everything are system dependent. I've read great reviews by others on this board and at Audioasylum about what the Flavor 4 can do with amplifiers and cdps etc. It seems to be a versatile cord. I would try it out with amps and cdps etc.
Flavor 4 has been ordered (can't go wrong with a 60 day trial). I will post my impressions once I've had a chance to burn-in and audition. Thanks for everyone's input.