Power cord upgrade on subwoofer

Any recommendations on power cord upgrade for HSU sub?

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Did you read the manual carefully first?

Recently I was going to upgrade power cord(I lost the original) for my REL sub, I discovered the manual says 'Only use the power cord supplied'

I contacted the manufacturer why that is, what I need to do with the lost power cord.
You have an excellent point and I did read the manual, its about 1 page. I posted on the HSU website and they strongly suggested I dont do it cause I can use the money to upgrade and that I shouldnt believe in "snake oil".
That sounds like a good reason, but who is "they", HSU engineers and peoples or anonymous posters?

Posters that are registered on that site. No HSU reps have posted as of yet.
I'm still waiting for some answers from REL myself.

I think what I want to make sure is that 'at minimum' what I was trying to do (getting after market PC or using power conditioner, etc) will not degrade the performance or do any real harm.

If I'm assured of that, I can experiment things...
i have a legacy pace maker..ive tryed diff powercords,verses what come with it and come to use a diy from vh audio i think it was flavor 2,i didnt like a conditioner on the sub had ultimate outlet 15amp hc,took it off,99% of all companies will say dont,gives them a reason to justify the 2.00 cord they put with it,any good cord would be a upgrade to you sub,i would think they draw alot of current ,doing there job,i once changed a powercord on a sub i had that was hardwired with 18 guage power cord and replaced it with 12 guage one and it made a world of diff.go here and get some of this at your local hardware store.http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/pshowdetl.cfm?&DID=7&Partnumber=100-577..its a easy fix to see if you hear some changes get the ends from www.takefiveaudio.com..for about 30.00 you can try it you wont look back,,
carol cable 12/3 is what to look for on partsexpress