Power Cord upgrade for Sim Audio Titan amp???

Looking to upgrade the stock cord on my Sim Audio Titan amp. It is a very detailed, neutral and transparent amp. Not looking to change the sonic signature. Just get the most I can from this monster amp. Tough to audition 20A power cords so any opinions would be appreciated.
Silent Source,Omega Mikro.TG Audio,Virtual Dynamics or a Siltech? Can help on the first two,possibly the others.Auditions available.
The sources for the best aftermarket powercords are:
www.digikey.com, www.mca.newark.com and www.newark.com for any power and current rating you need.
They're the raw material used inside of the mega-priced ones under the nice snake skins.
Anyone use VD nite power cords?
I've been using the Nite pc for my Titan w/ no drawbacks. Almost 2 years and I don't even think about replacing it. It replaced the VD Audition/Signature.
I've also heard that ESP powercords work really well with Simaudio gear. Probably the only one I would even audition.
Is there a long burn in period? I've got around 150 hours and it's just starting to come around. I've been talking to Rick at VD and he is suggesting replacing all my AU24 IC's and speaker cables to David cables to really hear a difference. Have you played with the IC's or speaker cables at all? How about their digital cables as well?
Burn-in is about 200-250 hrs. Should be good after that. I have version 1 but the newer Nites take even less. Rick tells me that the new David series is very close (85%) to the older version of Nites.
I can't comment much about the ICs and speaker cables 'cause I've only tried the Auditions and I didn't like them. I do, however, love the Nite digital cable. Quite background, dynamic and does vocals really well.
BTW, I did have a chance to try the Audience ICs about 10 months ago, but it didn't work too well for my system.
What are you using for IC's and speaker cables then???
Pure Note Epsilon Ref.
Just finished auditioning the Nite II on the amp and I'm sorry to say that I'm returning it. It had an incredibly low noise floor, deeper bass and pinpoint imaging. Unfortunately it also seemed to make the vocals a little lean in comparison. Didn't have the air/weight in the notes. Sounded more analytical and less musical.

Anyone have any experience with VH Flavor 4, Silent Source or Elrods. Looking to hear how these cords affect the sound so I can see how they will work with the Sim Audio Titan amp. thanks
I use Shunyata Taipan on my Sim Audio W5. IMS it doesn't alter the character of the amp, just delivers the high current when it is called for. You might want to give it a try.
Anyone tried Silent Source power cords on amps?
Any new info - I am looking into this Amp and upgrading the PC for sure...
I finally "settled" on an Elrod EPS-3 sig. version.
Correction: Upgraded to the Statement version