Power cord upgrade

Just purchased a Wadia 860x Cd player, would like to upgrade the power cord. Any Sugestions? Thanks
Tm, I have a Transparent Reference AC cable I would be willing to sell for $265, retail is $595. Awesome. Let me know. jlsdev@jps.net
Try Luxor Power Cord Company.I bought their cheapest model($130.00)to use with my C.E.C belt drive player($1800.00)and like it a lot.You will certainly want more expensive models.Check amusicdirect.com(but better talk to them,their website sucks).These cords are quite stiff.
i have a wadia 850 and i am a big fan of the essence power cord by essential sound products. also have one on my power amp. good listening.
Why would you want to! Does electricity not pass through your existing cord. How much did the wire in the walls of your house cost? I have serious doubts about any real benefit resulting from fancy power cords. Spend your money on something that matters!
The last response is almost 100% correct. It is a waste to spend $hundreds and sometimes even $thousands of dollars for a power cord. People don't realize that their is internal wiring coming out of the socket. Then from the socket down to the box which is standard 16 guage, sometimes 14 guage wiring. That's why if you are going to upgrade, buy something that bridges the gap of standard power cords to the over priced, over inflated power cords. I have to tell you, I just won a few of those Edge power cords on Audiogon's auction, and it was the best small investment I made for my system. To make a long story, I sold my Cardas Golden power cords, and Magnan Signature power cord. I couldn't justify tying up that much money for such a subtle difference. For one tenth the price, the Edge was just as good, and in some ways better. This cord is very neutral, and quiet, it's king of a no frills, but effective way of improving your system. I compared the Edge power cords just to my Levinson standard power cords that came with the amp and preamp and their was about an incredible increase of detail, dynamics an resolution out of my Thiel 7.2s'. I am very happy with my purchase and plan on buying 2 more Edge power cords for my digital set up. Brent
I doubt about the ideas of upgrading power cord too. I live in an old apartment, I asume the wires behind the wall are no better than the condition of the wall socket. Anyway, I did upgrade the wall socket to a 20A hospital grade and dump the stock cord for an ESP power flow pro. The difference was amazing!! However, I don't know the logical reason behind it, But I do enjoy music more now.
Do yourself a favor. Borrow a Shunyata powercord, the Black Mamba or Cobra model. You will buy one or the other. They aren't cheap, but you will purchase one. The problem is, can you stop at just one in your system? (I could not. The difference was just too great.)
I would seriously dispute the hearing of a person who says that power cords don't make a diffrence. I have tried several of the less expensive models and they all change the sound, usually for the better. If I had the guts and a little more money I would get one of the Shunyata King Cobra cords. Read the review of it on soundstage.com. The PS audio powerplant is also a fantastic upgrade, amazing really at how much a box that you plug your CD player into can improve your sound. I thought that for me it made a bigger improvement than upgrading my CD player.
I agree. The problem with those "bossy Betties" that don't like good power cords is that their theory has one fatal flaw: THE POWER CORD THAT CONNECTS YOUR COMPONENTS TO THE WALL IS STILL IN SERIES. Thus, it has TOTAL EFFECT on the AC power delivery to your component. Of course it'd be nice to have quality wiring in your house circuits too, BUT IT'S JUST AS IMPORTANT TO HAVE A QUALITY AC CORD FOR YOUR COMPONENT. I'm about to compare the Magnan Signature cord with the MIT Z-Cord 2 on my CD player...
I truly feel sad for anyone that cannot hear a significant upgrade in bass response, imaging, focus and detail when a quality power cord is introduced into their system. The ONLY thing I can possibly think is that the power cord that they are trying is not a Shunyata PowerSnake. I truly mean this statement! EVERY audiophile that has listened to these cords in and out of my system is surprised of the improvements. I have let a few of them try them in their own homes and in EVERY case they either have purchased or are going to purchase one or more of these cords. They can take a "B" class rating and upgrade the components sound so substantially, it could be re-reviewed to be an "A". Each and every one of us in the Audiogon obviously are passionate about music. If these power cords did not make that much difference, I certainly would not have purchased a PowerSnake for each and every component. No, I don't have "superwiring" behind my walls either but these cords are killer! Warning: To try is to buy!
Yeah, the Shunyatas are the flavor of the week right now. I hear that the top of the line King Cobra beats them all, for power amplifiers. I can't afford to find out, so I'll be trying a Synergistic for my amp.
Unfortunately, the right powercord makes a significant improvement to a component that it is connected to. If anyone posts that they have a hard time believing that a powercord can make a change they probably haven't tried a powersnake. Step 1, order yourself a powersnake for a 1 week audition. Step 2, note the individual changes in sound of the system. Step 3, after the 1 week audition remove the powersnake & note the differences you hear after removal. Step 4, decide if the improvements/changes were worth the price. Step 5, purchase or return the powersnake. Apprx. 5 months ago I arranged for an audition of a King Cobra between my Wadia 860 and a PS audio300. I used the factory supplied powercord from the wall to the PS audio300. I went through those steps listed above. Guess what? I bought the cord. Why? because the improvements were mindboggling. Far greater than the same $2,000 could have been spent anywhere else. This cord makes that much of a difference. Just for grins one month later I tried another King Cobra between the wall and the PS audio300. Same steps applied again. Guess what happened? Same improvements. It never went back. This was starting to freak me out and now I'm another $2,000 in the hole but the sad fact is that I think these cords are underpriced in comparison to the improvements per dollar they deliver. Once you get so far there is no turning back baby! A month later I got an itch to try a third King Cobra on my Krell FPB600c which has a hardwired powercord. I had to cut the stock powercord off leaving a 5" pigtail & then I mounted a 30amp twistlock connector to mate to a custom made a 14ft King Cobra with 30 amp twistlock plugs. Here goes another 4,000 big ones. I got the thing in, connected it up and then listened. Holy sh_t! And it only gets better the longer you play music. All I can say is this is the single best $4,000 I have ever spent on audio anything!!! A close runner up in performance were the (2) vibraplanes(They are that good!). The King Cobras improvements appear to be cumulative. They are absolutely neutral. They greatly improve all audiophile parameters. The single largest improvement being the ULTRACLEAR, GIGANTIC SOUNDSTAGE. The way the holographic images of extreme purity of tone and timber appear and the PROJECTION OF ENERGY that comes toward you from each one. Even on images cast between 3-7 ft. to the sides of the speakers. They now have the same presence, intensity, projection and clarity as those dead center. I urge you to try one, two, three, however many your checkbook will allow. I promise you will not want to ever listen to a component without it. I'm not wealthy, just one smart audiofreak.
Whoever said the power cords don't improve the sound that's a big mistake. I used to think the power cords don't really help that much of the sound but after I just bought the used $350 JPS Kaptovator AC cord (retail's $1500). When I pluged it in my amp and turned the system on WOW!!! I don't know how what to say, I can tell right away after 1 second it's a big big big! different in overall, bass more dynamic, clean, tight, mid & high is detailed clean. I'm so lucky to have that power cord with a verry cheap price. I'm verry happy man now I just want to share with you guys what I have learn and experimented.
Tony 007, how nice for you that you can afford top notch components without being wealthy. Funny thing, I'm not wealthy either, but I CAN'T afford even one King Cobra AC cord right now...Must be nice.