Power cord type

Ten years ago I bought a power cord fabricated by a small audio dealer who is no longer in business. Cosmetically, it looks very high end. I'm currently using it on my pre and it excels over the stock cord. But I've noticed that cords today are either "analog" or "digital". I have no idea what I have and whether it's suitable amperage wise for use with an amp. Should I even care what component I use it with?

When you see for digital or high current, digital is meant for use with CD players or a dac. High current are for power amps or high power integrated amps. In most cases a 10 gauge power cable should work fine for both digital and a modest powered amp, 100/150 watts. Does it state anywhere on the cord what gauge it is?  
I’m guessing the cord's only 5 - 7ft long so probably not too much concern on the gauge unless you have a really big amp. I’d be more concern on what the insulation is over the gauge of the conductors unless it’s under 14 gauge or so. Teflon insulation is one to avoid on a PC. Are the conductors solid or stranded wire? Likely stranded if the cable is very flexible. Might have to pull one of the ends off if they used shrink wrap with techflex jacketing over an OEM PC. Wouldn’t be surprised if they just used a stock PC cable and dressed it up with techflex. If it is a Belden cable or something similar it will have the gauge and temparature rating noted on the outer jacket. If you do pull the plug off to inspect the construction, make sure to wire it back correctly. Hopefully they used some nice plugs as that’s usually what matters and where the money is. If you’re not real knowledgeable on cable design and electronics ask a friend who is or an electrician. If you have been using this cable for years, you’re probably safe honestly.