Power cord to use on Marantz SA-1 SACD player ?

I own a the gorgeous Marantz SA-1 SACD player and want to upgrade the power cord. One catch though the Marantz SA-1 player uses an IEC-320 female connector but only has a positive /negative male connector. The neutral or ground must be internal.

Can I use a regular IEC-320 female connector with the Marantz SA-1 player or will this harm the unit?

Thank you all for your help.
I use a regular Ensemble MegaFlux power cord with my SA-1 to great effect and with no ill effects from the fact that the SA-1 only has the two-prong inlet. There's just one female part that isn't used on the cord I guess; it doesn't make any difference.
It would be fine to use a standard AC cord. The Tara Labs Air-AC or One-AC work wonders on this player.
You will have no problems using a standard upgraded power cord on the Marantz sa-1 player with it's connector.

I use a Bmi Whale Elite mk2 power cord and found it to be a perfect match. It really opened up the sound stage and dynamics. Plus smoothened out the brightness and gives a nice bass improvement.
David Elrod makes great PC's which I use. I don't have the Marantz, but a user on this forum, mikelavigne has it and recently swapped out Shunyata and Synergistic Research for the Elrod cords and likes them immensely, you can contact him through A'gon to get his opinion on how the Marantz sounds with the Elrod vis-a-vie other cords he has used. If interested, he or I can put you in contact with David. He makes them to order, and offers a 30 day trial. They are superb PC's.
as Mes said, i prefer the EPS (Elrod power system) cords to my previous reference the Shunyata King Cobra v.2 and the new Python on the Marantz SA-1. the differences are not huge but they are definite to my ears. the SA-1 is very hi-resolution and sensitive to the best in power cords. i also prefer the ESP cords to the new Shunyata Python on the Hydra.

i also echo MES's comments on David....he is a joy to deal with.
Mike- Is that the "ESP" cord I've heard so much about, the one whereby you hear music even with it unplugged? :-)
my Vegas hangover.....all these damn acronyms and so few brain cells. ;^)