Power cord suggestions?

I have a Cary Sli-80 and Cary CD 303T SACD Pro and totem forests. Looking for my first power cables. My Choices in my price range and at my dealers are the Kimber Kable PowerKord10 GOLD for my Cd player and the new shunyata Etron Viper for my amp. Has anyone heard cary demoed with shunyata or kimber any Suggestions?
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Check out the Sablon Petit Corona or a used Gran Corona at that price range
If you haven't done so - upgrade your outlets

I like Pass & Seymour MRI outlet from Take Five Audio - around $25 - but there are many other worthy outlets out there from PS Audio, Furutech etc..

They clamp the pins so much better than the standard outlets and make a superior electrical connection
Sablon Audio Gran Corona is fantastic. Very musical cord.
One cord transformed my system.
Power cords wull sound different in different kit -- pure and simple. BRAND X may or may not sound better than BRAND Y on your particular system.

SHORT ANSWER: without actually auditioning them you will never know which works best and you may introduce one that sounds like crap in your system regardless of what the reviews and Marketing 1010 testimonials may offer up.

To add to the confusion, certain hardware kit has a clear and marked preference for their own brand of power cables that usuually also best all other comers : (e.g inter alia, NAIM, REGA, LFD)
Why? they are manufactured and "tnued?" to that kit hallmarks

YOUR TAKE-AWAY: experiment and test the alternatives and discount most of the ad hoc anecdotal personal testimonial noise.
I can confirm that Naim sound amazing with Furutech power cables

Much better than their crappy stock cable :-)

But then ALL the brands in my system sound great with Furutech power cables :-)