Power cord suggestions for Hegel integrated amp/dac?

I currently own a Hegel H360, and have been thinking to upgrade the stock power cable. The H360 is 250wpc, which would likely benefit from something beefier than the 16AWG cable they provide.

Wondering what other Hegel owners out there are using and what seems to be working best for people.

(I reached out to Hegel, and their official response was that since they don’t test aftermarket cables, they couldn’t recommend a specific make/model, but said a heavier gauge PC couldn’t hurt. Would be interesting to know what they bring to audio shows here in the US to demonstrate their products.)

For Shunyata, I was eyeing the Venom HC cable. Any thoughts? Unfortunately, the more massive Shunyata cables won't work in my current setup due to space limitations.
You must try an Audioquest Storm.  If you can live with the stiffness and cost, there's no turning back.
@janehamble Thanks for the suggestion. I have Audioquest Castlerock speakers cables going to my Vandersteen Treos, so I like the idea of AQ synergy in the system. I could probably swing the AQ Thunder.
howdy!  you may want to consider Cullen cable PC's,  excellent price to performance ratio ......seriously 
I'm using a Shunyata Venom 20 amp HC on a Hegel H200.  Had to get an adapter but like very much what it did for the sound.  Previously, was using a Cullen Crossover v1.  The Cullen is a well-built electricity conductor but to my ears the Venom HC is doing something more...reducing noise, perhaps.  At $175 + $10 for a generic 20 amp cable>>15 amp IEC adapter (sounded the same as a Venom adapter after burn in) I think it is a great value.     
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I have the h200 with the shunyata viper zitron and it made no audible difference to me. 
Black Sand Audio has a Violet Z1 MKII (actually on sale at this time) which I found to be great PC upgrade at a reasonable price
Thanks all for your input. I ended up purchasing an Audioquest Thunder 2m power cable to test the waters and so far it has made a positive difference.

The biggest difference has been with the Hegel's DAC, which sounds more present and dynamic. This is most noticeable with a better bass response and increased detail. It's not night and day, but enough of a positive change that I'll be keeping the Audioquest for a while before experimenting any further with power cords.