Power cord suggestions for Cortese ?

I have a new Cortese preamp to burn in. It is the first component I've owned which allows me to switch/compare power cords. I do anticipate relying on The Cable Company for trial listenings. Any suggestions for a short list of PCs to listen to costing up to about $800 MAXIMUM either retail or discounted ? Thanks very much.
you might find the Audio Metallurgy cords a great buy.
There's also a toss up between Xindack FP gold and the Black Momba by Shunyata.
Depends what you like.
At under $1000 the Shunyata King Cobra is pretty impressive. The Nirvana cabling is rather musical.
The Elco Audio has characteristics nice as well.
I find Cardas, and MIT to be kinda "one note"
Tried all my Shunyatas Taipan Alpha, Python Alpha,KC V2 Electraglides,Z-Squared, Zu, etc, etc on my Syrah.
Had fabulous results with all these cords on other components in one combination or the othr but in my system, only imo, they all sounded smeared and gritty (relative the the Harmonic)with the Supratek - not what I would have expected
Borrowed a Harmonix Studio Master,every time I convinced myself something was better in some rspect - I Had to put it back in.
Can't nail it other than nothing else sounded so right, better height, better clarity.
Think these would be in your budget used.
Great if you can borrow them, I had to buy & ship them all over to try them - ouch
Cheers Simon