Power cord suggestions for CDP and tube amp

I just purchased a Consonance Droplet 5.0 CDP and wondered what after-market cables are recommended for this player. I did read a thread about this from January of this year, but wondered if users had any more suggestions. I saw that Consonance actually makes cables as well, but found no opinions about their power cables here.

I would also like recommendations for a power cable for an Art Audio Carissa Signature tube power amp (this amp is not in the same system as the CDP.)

I can not afford thousands of dollars for these cables, I would prefer only paying $400-$500 for each - used is fine!

JPS Digital AC for the CD player...
Nite 2 digital $350-400 used
Vh audio Flavor 4 $300 new
Both should work very nicely .I use both as described
Thank you both for your responses. I will look into the cables suggested. Any other recommendations?

Thorman - stupid noob question for you. On the VH site, Chris is offering 15 Amp or 20 Amp versions of the power cord - I have seen these 2 selections on other cable sites, too. How does one determine which version is needed??? :-o

Also, are you using the Virtual Dynamic cable for your CDP and the VH Flavor 4 for your amp?

Try a Signal Cable Silver Resolution, it's a great sounding cable at a great price.
JPS Digital AC ( made my background dead quiet ) Cardas Golden Cross for tube amp (improved soundstage and bass)
I use PS Audio xstream statements on all my equipment and highly recommend them. They are well within your budget used and are very well built and designed. Although I admitt that I have not experimented with many power cords.

Oakiris : I am using the Nite 2 ( 20 amp dedicated line ) on mY Meridian cd player . You only need a 15 amp cord .
I am using Vh audio Flavor 4 cords on my Thor monos ( 15 amp cord on 20 amp ded.line ).
Feel free to e-mail me off line any time.I 'll be happy to help if I can...Good luck...
Hi Thorman - thank you for the offer of help. I will indeed email you!

Power cable for CDP makes a big audible difference in how your system sound, in many cases even more so than cords for amplifiers. The important thing is knowing what you're trying to achieve with your system. Are you wanting more warmth and smoothness, or a faster and livelier system. Knowing your preference will make recommending a cable easier.
I really don't have any complaints about the way my system sounds now with stock cords. I've read a lot about how the "right" power cord can improve the sound of a system so I want to try some different cords to see if I can hear a - hopefully positive - difference.

A warm, smooth, fast & lively system sounds like what I want. :-) Are these really contradictory audio terms, or is such a system impossible to configure? Serious question - I have a lot to learn.


Hi, I sugust you give AudioMagic X-Stream power cords.

Power Cord:
-- 6 ft. length only.
-- 12 ga. double-coated silver-over-copper conductors.
-- Teflon dielectrics.
-- Mylar dampening.
-- Heavy-duty molded ends.
-- Triple shielded.

I paid $100.00 for each of mine and am quite happy.
Call DON from DCCA,His power cables are one of the best,He can definitely guide you,very nice person to deal with.I
have used audience powerchord,VAN DEN HUL,VD,MIT,TSUNAMI.
Heard the VH.Good Luck.
FYI, I emailed Don of DCCA last week; I'm still waiting for a response. :-(

I emailed Virtual Dynamics Tuesday and received a response yesterday. They no longer sell the Nite 2 cable, as I suspected, but say that the Nite 3s are an improvement over the Nite 2s all across the board. They are (currently) just slightly above my price range, but I may try a Nite 3 anyway. I have yet to find any used Nite 2s for sale.

Received my Black Sand cables yesterday and will be getting my VH Audio Flavor 4 cable on Friday. I am still going to buy one or two more power cables - guess I'm on a roll and really want to find out if I can detect a difference between PCs in my system/s. So far I have heard no remarkable change using a Black Sand violet on my Consonance Droplet, but this is after only a couple of CDs - way too soon to make a decision. I will be able to A/B the Black Sand and the Flavor 4 this weekend, if I don't spend too much time at RMAF! :-D


If you're going to RMAF make sure to stop by the Virtual Dynamics room. I'll be there at the show and plan to visit them. Hopefully they will be offering the same deal as they did at HET in LA where if you made a purchase that weekend, there was a 50% discount. Also, they had a table of used and demo cables.
I was going to RMAF to hear Star Sound/Virtual Dynamics room. I had two after hour sessions booked but as of Tues. I'm in a cast from an Achillis heel injury.
Rick will be showing a new cable and Star Sound is debuting their new Stage Platforms.
If you have the time I would like to hear your opinion of their room since I'm very interested in purchasing a few products from both companies. Thanks.
Irish65, thanks for the heads up. The combination of those two vendors will make for a very interesting room. If you like, email me offline, maybe I can arrange to give you a real time or near real time update. Hopefully that will soften the blow of not being able to attend in person.
Clio09 - I will definately be going to RMAF. I didn't realize that Virtual Dynamics would be there! I will certainly check out their room, and I, too, hope they have some demo/used cables for sale.

Irish65 - I'm sorry to hear about your injury and that you won't be able to attend. I have missed RMAF the last two years and have kicked myself for not going; I will be there this year. I will be picking up my Sistrum multi-platform from Star Sound; Robert is bringing it with him (a savings on shipping and a RMAF discount to boot.) I look forward to talking with Robert and hearing their new offerings.

Dan of DCCA Audio emailed me today. He responded to my email last week, too, but for some reason I didn't receive it. I am hoping to get a power cord from him, too. He has a great return policy and I think I will enjoy working with him.

I'm getting really excited about going to RMAF. I have read the comments/reviews of folks that have gone the last two years and it sounds like a very good, all-audio, fun festival indeed.


Glad your going to RMAF. Robert is a class A gentleman. When I told him on Wed. I could not make it he said he would wheel me around the show. He has been working with me on setting my new room up. I've purchased their Caravelle speakers and amps. Like you I wanted to save the money on shipping by attending. I was planning to pick up four of the Stage Platforms and a pair of the Stage Caravelle stands.
Virtual Dynamics and Star Sound use the same technology and science in their products. Since I plan on building a system using both companies products, that was the reason I was going to the show for an audition. Having the Achilles heel injury come at the 11th hour was a tough pill to swallow.
I've heard good things about the DCCA cables. Let us know how it works out for you.
Even though I'm not in the market for speakers I was interested to give the new Thiel CS 3.7 a listen. I have owned a few pairs of Thiel's in the past and was curious as to how this new model would compare.
Enjoy and would appreciate your feedback from the show.

I appreciate your offer and have emailed you my info.
Irish65 - I would be happy to give you feedback about the festival. Mind you that I am not any where near an expert, but I will do my best.

Thanks for the suggestion, John. I am tapped out right now as far as my power cord budget it concerned.

I bought a Virtual Dynamics Nite 3 power cord at RMAF for a great price, but still spent more than I had planned. I need to settle down now!

I also need to listen to all of these cords - VH Audio, Black Sands Violet and Virtual Dynamics - to see (hear) what I think of them. :-)