Power cord suggestions for a McIntosh MC162

I posted this under the amp/preamp category and realized I should have posted it here. Does anyone have any suggestions for a power cord for the MC162? I'm currently using a Silver Audio Power Burst. I like it but I want to know if there is anything out there that might be better suited to this amp. I need a two meter cord in the $250 used range. Thanks.
I have a MC352 and a MC7205 and am using Harmonic Tech ACII
and have received good results. The best thing that I did though is have an electrictian run a dedicated 20 amp circuit. I think you may be best served in doing that before you replace the cord you have
I used a JPS Labs Power AC cord with very good results.
For amps, I have found the Audience pc to work fantastic.
You will not have to try and hear a diifference with this pc, it offers instant benifits to Either of my current amps.

I definitly feel that I got a great deal after 5 minutes with the Audience plugged in.
Try Pure Note Sigma and TG Audio. Both are great cords for the money.
Golden Sound AC Premier Red. This cable will revamp the sound of your McIntosh. I believe that it´s definitely worth the price, unfortunately is it over your budget.