Power cord suggestions?

I have a Cary Sli-80 and Cary CD 303T SACD Pro and totem forests. Looking for my first power cables. My Choices in my price range and at my dealers are the Kimber Kable PowerKord10 GOLD for my Cd player and the new shunyata Etron Viper for my amp. Has anyone heard cary demoed with shunyata or kimber any Suggestions?
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Its hard to go by other people's experiances when you are talking about power cords. You may have the same exact components but not the same electrical system. I wouldn't buy anything without a demo first. Quite often, an expensive PC can have a negative effect over a stock PC. I would give Cable Co a call and have them send a few out to you to try first. You may want to look at a JPS Digital AC for your CD player.
...or save money and get high performance and build it yourself. I am using Acrolink cable with Furutech or Oyeida plugs. Very happy
In some instances I would agree that DIY using decent higher end(Oyaide,Furtech)wire and connectors can be quite a big step up from a generic power cord.

I do have personal experience with shunyata and Cary.

A few years ago I had the very nice Cad 300sei and the dealer was kind enough to let me audition the complete line of power snakes from Diamonback to annaconda Helix.

I used a cd player and used headphones instead of speakers to evaluate.The Cad 300sei is also a great headphone amp.
This took some of the vagaries of extra inter-connect speaker wires and speaker/dealer room out of the equation.

It was very easy to hear the improvement as you worked your way up the food chain.

I was so impressed with the superiorty of the Annacondas over their siblings that I not only bought one for my Cary but 3 more for the rest of my system.

I still use the Annacondas to this day.
They may have been surpassed by the Zitrons and others, but for me they were the ones.
I have now owned the Cary 306 SACD for many years.
With this unit, I have owned and used many of the top of the line power cords . Including the Purist Dominus, and the Purist Anniversary , Shunyata Anaconda, Synergistic Apex, and now the HiDiamond power cords.
To my ears, and with my Cary, the HiDiamond is the best thus far.
I think that the HiDiamond P3 1.5M power cord goes for about $650.
It brought life and dynamics to my Cary.