Power cord suggestion for Plinius 8200?

Does anybody have experience with PC for Plinius. Should I only look at 10 gauge and bigger?
I would suggest trying the Tara Labs Prime AC cable. It really helps clean up the sound and bring out the body and low end. It's worked wonders on every amp I've tried it on and is fairly moderately priced at $395 for a 6ft length.
I have this amp and think it's a big step up from the Krell KAV300i. I use the Sidewinder Gold, it's great match.
I am using a Shunyata Black Mamba with my Plinius 8150. Very pleased. Joel
I'm using dual Black Mambas on my VK500, I auditioned a half dozen cords before buying these.
Larry K
The best cords that I have found for your Plinius by price are as follow. For Rowland gear the power company stuff is really good. Different components have different preferences just as we do.

Under $500 The Shunyata Sidewinder Gold
Under $1000 the Shunyata Python
Under $1500 the Audio magic clarevoyant
Under $2000 The ElectraGlide Fat Boy or Designer reference Square
Under $3000 The electraglide Fat man

Hope this helps!
I have TG Audio and Pure Note Epsilon power cords. Pure Note cord is 7.5 gauge used on my Plinius SA100 amp (best choice). Also use it on my Levinson amps. TG cord is used on Levinson preamps.
Zcable.com offers very nice power cords from $125 (Lightning) to $300 (Thunder). The "Thunder" is probably the best choice for your integrated amp. They have a 30-day trial period. I don't think you would be disappointed. I have the "Thunder" on my preamp and the "Lightning" on my SACD. I am awaiting a pair of "Thunders" to try on my amps. Highly recommended. God bless.
I received my Zcable "Thunder" power cords this afternoon and have spent the evening listening to them on my amps. They offer exceptional performance. I am especially struck by how how coherent they sound compared to the other cords I have tried. I also noticed this coherent quality when selecting the "Thunder" cord for my preamp. I finally have the performance I have believed my system was capable of achieving.

BTW, some of other products I have recently adopted are, Walker High Definition Links Mk. II, Marigo Audio VTS tuning dots, Zcable "Live" balanced interconnects and Zero autoformers(primarily of interest to tube amp users).

All the products mentioned have excellent price/performance ratios IMHO and have provided dramatic improvements to my system.

Life is good. God bless.