Power cord = steroids for a component--

The reason I used this steroids term is borrowed from member "Chuck".(in that) We both had CJ 8's and both switched to CJ' ss 350.Thus the 350 ss amp is like the 8a on steroids. (His term and I agree.)
Now we come to the "cable/power cord" part of this.
I just got a VD Master 2.0 cord for my AA Prestige se. (Installed this Monday.)--AA Prestige se on steroids is my best description. Before this cord I was using the original Shunyata King Cobra. I doubt I am exaggerating; I know steroids when I hear them.
Further, it's not like I'm saying somebody elses cord wouldn't yeild a similar result.--
Anybody else use this cord w/ a similar result?---OR--- What cord gave you a similar result?
Speakers are Wilson Soph. 2's-- IC's are SR, active x.--Speak. wire their 3.0--(VD). Audience conditioner--Amp direct from the wall.
I use Marigo Audio "Andromeda" power cords throughout my system. They are truly outstanding. They come in two different versions KX/TX tuning (depending on the power supply of the component they are connected to). Ron Hedrich will send you one of each tuning for a free 30 day in home audition. Enjoy!
The VD cords can have a stunning immediate impact, similar to the Nordost Valhalla cords in the way of impact. They are very bold, powerful and have sudden attack on the note. Many find this to be a very nice cord/cable. However, just as the leanness of the Nordost Valhalla wore on me over time, so to did the truncated decay of the VD cables/cords. Eventually I sought cords that let the resonance of the note decay into the blackness of space, like those from Stealth Audio.
Sure, they are not as stunning originally as the VD or Nordost, but I have found them easier to live with over the long haul.

"What cord gave you a similar result?"
Synergistic Research A/C Master Coupler on my amp.
I won't name any names but I will say that the initial power from a cable that seems like it provides steroids to your system can possibly wear on you. I recently had a power cord like that and it turned out to be fatiguing to my ears. Synergy is the key with power cords and all components. I look for the power cable that makes my system magical by helping to recreate the performance in my room.
The three best power cords I've had beyond the VD are the Stealth Dream, Dream State and Silent Source. I've also had the old Synergistic power cord, but haven't heard the new Tesla series.

I agree with John 100% about the difference between the VD and the more natural Stealth Dreams.

The Silent Source Power Cord ( $900.00 ) is not well known, but a real sleeper that you might try. This is the blackest, most revealing and most true sounding tonally power cord I've ever heard.

In my system, I went with the Dream State Spritual Dream series ( Lucid, Veridical and DreamCatcher ). They're warmer than the Stealth Dreams and work extremely well for me. IF you have Dream State power cords on EVERY component, the soundstage is a hologram.
I am glad that the AA is responding to the VD Master so well and what you are hearing is the real deal.The neat thing is that the cord takes at least three days to settle into the system.Some people report that the cords cause issues within ones system, I have found that the problems are already there and the cords just expose them.A good cord is just a better bridge that transports the juice in a cleaner faster with higher capacitance ( gauge dependent).As you go up the line with powercords, manufactures address more things in them.Hope this helps Dennis
Thanks Dennis--John: Hey maybe I don't hear that loss of decay --Well truth be told I don't. Does say brand x cord react the same in all systems??--Where were you guys when I made a post: What power cord?
I sure understand the potential for problems 'cause this thing might tip over a light cd player--or pull the iec right out of a piece.
I can say overall it improves the sound so much I can hardly understand where all this good stuff came from. In the end I sure think I got my money's worth,and then some. ---Which hasn't always been the case for me.--
You want a PC on steroids? See if you can find an original FIM/CRL Gold PC (not the new ones out there). For that matter even the FIM/CRL Silver packs some punch. These are high current, heavy gauge solid core copper that have excellent frequency extension. The Gold series goes very deep. You think the VD cables are hard to bend, these cables are right there with them.

I've had the VD Nite II and Master PCs in my system and would have to agree with John on the immediacy aspect of these cables. Too in your face for me overall (although the Nite II is one of my favorite cables). Not sure I agree with John on the decay thing though.

After VD I went with Stealth Dream and M5000 on my transport and DAC. Great cables and lived up to their hype. They are smoother, quieter, and more balanced than VD IMO. However, now I am using the Tel Wire cables. The Tel Wire IMO matches the M5000 and is not that far behind the Dream to justify the $1000 plus price difference. The only thing about the Tel Wire is I would not consider them to be a cable on steroids. They are not laid back, just well balanced IMO.
I have the old version of the cobra which was just under the king cobra. I like it on my CDP not my amp. The one that did wonders for the amp is the python Helix. I'm a firm believer in the Hilix series from Shunyata. I don't really know the difference in the two cords but the helix seems to work anywhere I put it but it was pricey to get all of them and I got the cobra on a'gon, it worked very well on cdp only for me.

Way back when the K.C. was new/hot I gave 1600 for mine and loved what it did. Then after the price came down I bought a second one. (cd player and pre.)
I sure gave some thought to the Hilix but their best is 'round 15/17. This VD I got for 9 bills.
Re; the other members critiquing this cord--- I never said it was the best---I haven't tried "any of the better cords",period. The last thing I need to hear is what it does wrong--if it indeed does this.-- I guess that is where the expression "Kill-Joy" comes from. I know Albert would never say that kind of thing. (after I already own it) I think of him as a great a'gon role model. Anyway, I think all changes we make are more about "if" it improves what we got---compared to what we had--no?? I guess I was to impressed with what I got.
You stated and asked: "Further, it's not like I'm saying somebody elses cord wouldn't yield a similar result.--
Anybody else use this cord w/ a similar result?---OR--- What cord gave you a similar result?"

Being audiophile upgrade addicts, we were trying to give you our thoughts on the VD power cords that we had and the paths that we took from there.

Sorry to have been a "Kill-Joy".
Avguygeorge, no killjoy here, your Virtual Dynamics cord is the best.....aces all the way....enjoy.